Dharmapuri MP Senthil Kumar Slammed District Official For Following Hindu Rituals !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-07-16
21:02 IST

Video of Dharmapuri MP Senthilkumar slamming a district official for arranging Hindu religion based Pooja in a government event is going viral in social media platforms. In the video, the MP could be seen scolding the official for not inviting the priests of other religion and said that it is a regime of Dravidian party and every government official should act accordingly.

“Do you got the instructions or not ?? Don’t you know government events shouldn’t follow the rituals of a particular religion ?” MP Senthilkumar asked the officer and also made the arrangements to clear. The MP was looking agitated even after the official apologized for what happened.


“Do you know or not about not involving a particular religion while conducting a government event ? Where are the other religions ? Where is Christian ? Where is Muslim ?Who is the representative of people who have no religion ? Call Church Father, Imam and all the others” the MP questioned the officer.

“Clear all these. Why are you doing all these in a government function ? You are a government officer, Don’t you know ?? Do any program that has the presence of Chief Minister contains these rituals ?? Don’t invite me for these kind of programs. This is a regime for everyone and it is a Dravidian model regime. This is not like other parties” MP further said.


“I am not asking you not to involve religions. If you invite, invite everyone including the one who doesn’t have the belief of God” he could be seen saying in the video which is going viral in social media platforms. “Do this place contain only Hindu people ?? Why are you following Hindu religion here ?” MP asked.

Sharing the video in his twitter timeline, the MP said “ஒரு அளவுக்கு மேல் என் பொறுமையை சோதிக்கிறார்கள். Trying to Keep my cool. At times they make me to lose my patience” through his tweet.

Here’s his tweet :

The video is being widely shared in the internet with people reacting in various ways. With many lauding the MP for his reaction, believers of Hindu religion could be seen spewing hatred at him. Check out some of the reactions that surfaced below :

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