Dhanush’s Director’s Statement About “Reservation” Caused Controversy!!

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1 month ago

Dhanush’s director Venki Atluri’s statement about the abolishment of caste based reservation has stirred controversy. The filmmaker who made Dhanush’s recently released film “Vaathi”, Venki said that reservation should be made based on financial status instead of caste. His statement angered many users of online platforms as the director who made a film that speaks about educational reforms being ignorant about the caste oppressions that took place in the society.

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“Vaathi” starring Dhanush-Samyuktha got released on 17th of February with much expectations among fans. The film talks about reforms in the education system to ensure good education is accessible to everyone. During one of the promotional interviews of “Vaathi”, Venky made the controversial statement to journalist Prema.


Prema asked Venkt about the Key decision he would make if he becomes the Union Education Minister. Saying that his response could be “little controversial”, Venky said ” I will remove reservation. Reservation should be based on financial status and not caste”

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The director’s words irked many users of online platforms. A number of twitter users lost their cool after hearing Venky’s statement about caste based reservation. “Instead of making a film of education, Go educate yourself, First read Ambedkar” A Twitter user said by sharing his video whereas another one said “Nor surprised at all. Cannot expect any better from Telugu filmmakers”

Watch the video below :

Check out some of the reactions below :

It is notable that the film’s heroine Samyuktha, in a promotional interview of “Vaathi”, had said that she doesn’t like to be called as Samyuktha “Menon” as it endorses her caste. I want media portals to refer me as “Samyuktha” instead of “Samyuktha Menon” the actress said. The actress’s bold decision is gained her accolades from all over the public and media portals.

Before “Vaathi”, Samyutha acted in films such as “Kalari”, “July Kaatre” etc. She also appeared in a Tamil and Malayalam bilingual film “Erida”. In the interview, the actress further said that she belongs of Palakkad of Kerala but will speak Tamil fluently.

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