Dhanush Destroyed Evidence Of His Real Parents ?? Lawyer’s Shocking Statements

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CM / Updated: 2023-04-12
14:37 IST

Dhanush, is an Indian film actor, producer, director, writer, lyricist, and playback singer who predominantly works in Tamil cinema.The legal battle between Tamil actor Dhanush and a couple from Madurai, Katiresan and Meenakshi, who claim that he is their son, has taken a new turn. In a recent development, Katiresan, who is the father of the claimant, is currently undergoing treatment at the Madurai Government Rajaji Hospital due to ill health, and his lawyer has petitioned the hospital’s dean, Rathinavel, to collect and preserve Dhanush’s DNA for the ongoing case.

Dhanush Destroyed Evidence
Actor Dhanush

The couple from Madurai Mellur had filed a case in the Madurai branch of the High Court claiming that Dhanush is their son. The actor had vehemently denied their claim and even went to the extent of filing a counter-affidavit stating that they were not his biological parents. The case has been ongoing for a while now, and this new development has added a new dimension to it.

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Dhanush Destroyed Evidence

Lawyer Titus, representing the couple, has stated that Kathiresan’s life may be in danger, and his DNA should be collected and preserved for the investigation of the case. Titus said, “Actor Dhanush’s father Kathiresan is ill. A related case is pending in the High Court and the Supreme Court. As Kathiresan’s life may be in danger, his DNA needs to be preserved for the investigation. Actor Dhanush had already lasered his identification during the trial. He has wrongly submitted documents including school certificate and birth certificate. So the documents confirm that Dhanush’s parents are Kathiresan-Meenakshi. Dhanush, who said that he will file a case against us for damages of 10 crore rupees, has not yet filed a case. Dhanush tries to hide the truth. This is not a problem of Kathiresan. So many parents have been neglected by their children.”

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This statement by the lawyer suggests that the case is far from over, and the claimant’s side is confident about their case. The fact that they are seeking Dhanush’s DNA for the investigation implies that they have evidence to support their claim. However, Dhanush’s side has maintained that the claim is baseless and has accused the claimants of trying to extort money from the actor.

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Dhanush Destroyed Evidence
Couple Who Claim Themselves As Dhanush’s Parents

The legal battle has been ongoing for several years, and it has taken a toll on both parties. Dhanush, who is a successful actor in the Tamil film industry, has been embroiled in this controversy for a while now, and it has affected his career. The claimants, on the other hand, have been fighting for their rights and are trying to establish their claim to Dhanush’s property.

Dhanush Destroyed Evidence

The case has received widespread attention from the media and the public, with many taking sides and expressing their opinions on the matter. While some support Dhanush and believe that the claim is false, others sympathize with the claimants and feel that they have a right to their share of the property. The case has become a matter of public interest and has sparked debates on the issue of paternity and inheritance laws.

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Dhanush Destroyed Evidence

The legal battle between Dhanush and the couple from Madurai has taken a new turn with the petition to collect and preserve Dhanush’s DNA. The case is ongoing, and it remains to be seen how it will be resolved. The matter has become a topic of public interest and has sparked debates on the issue of paternity and inheritance laws.

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