Dhanalakshmi Pushed Sherin?? Kurumpadam Is Out

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5 months ago

Debate on whether Dhanalakshmi pushed Sherin away or not is going on in the online platforms. While a set of viewers claim that Sherin is just pretending to be falling away due to Dhana, others say that she didn’t push her away and has been demanding Kurumpadam from Kamal Haasan in the upcoming weekend episode.


A video of Dhanalakshi asking Bigg Boss to make a clear statement on whether she pushed Sherin or not and saying that she won’t eat until it’s made public is also doing rounds in social media platforms. In another video that is going viral, Azeem could be seen condemning her for not reacting over the alleged injury of Sherin.

In a recent video, Dhanalakshmi could be seen saying that she is ready to ask apology to each and everyone if Kamal Haasan showed a footage of herself pushing Sherin voluntarily. Hashtag “Dhanalakshmi” is doing rounds in the micro blogging social media site as well.

Here’s the kurumpadam released b fans :

“No one push #Sherina She stand in the mid of #Amuthuvanan balance once Amutha steps backward no grip to hold so she felt down accidental incident #Dhanalakshmi innocent here !!!” a user tweeted whereas another one said “The constant bullying, cornering, mocking and degrading has gotten to #Dhanalakshmi. Alura! Evalo dhaa strong ah irunthalum, bully, boomer and mixture gang ganged up and hurt her!”

Check out some of the reactions that surfaced regarding the incident below

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