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CM / Updated: 2023-04-04
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Delhi Metro Train issue recently, a girl named Rhythm Chanana became the talk of the town when videos and pictures of her wearing a DIY bralette with a skirt while travelling on the Delhi metro started circulating on social media. While some people commented that she was imitating Uorfi Javed’s style, others were shocked to see her bold attire while using public commute. In an interview with India Today, Chanana spoke about the sudden social media spotlight, as well as the story behind her attire and how she deals with the cross gaze of society.

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Chanana was clear about one thing: her fashion choices were her own, and not inspired by anyone else. She said, “It’s my freedom in what I want to wear. I am not doing this for a publicity stunt or to become famous. I don’t care what people have to say. I am not inspired by Uorfi Javed. I didn’t even know who she was until recently a friend showed me her photo. However, I look up to her after knowing her story.”

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However, Chanana revealed that her family members were unhappy with her choice and that she faced regular threats from her neighbours. But she didn’t let that deter her. She said, “This choice didn’t come in a day, it’s a process. I also belong from a conservative family where I wasn’t allowed to do what I wanted, hence one day I decided I would do as I wanted since it’s my life. I have been traveling like this for many months now. It happened to be viral now.”

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When asked about the DMRC’s statement regarding the matter, Chanana pointed out that Delhi Metro has a no videography policy inside the trains. “It’s weird that DMRC has now forgotten their own rule of no videography inside the metro. If they have a problem with my attire, they should also have a problem with those who shot it,” she said.

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On seeing a Girl wearing less clothes in a metro train somewhere in Delhi, a twitter user named Bishwajeeth Das who Identifies himself as a Pure Nationalist through his Twitter bio, condemned her. Questioning what was wrong with her, Bidhwajeer, in his tweet tagged Kiren Rijiju, Minister of Law and Justice in order to express his displeasure.

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He also tagged Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Official Delhi Police and Deepika Bharadwaj, a journalist. In the video, the young girl who is in her mid 20s, could be seen getting up from her seat and leaving the train, seemingly after her stop arrives. She was seen wearing a lingerie kind of cloth and was holding a big bag.

Traveling in Delhi while wearing bold clothes also raises one important question; what about safety? Speaking about the matter, Chanana said, “I haven’t faced any such issue. In the case of regular comments and eve teasing, I have learned to ignore them.”

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While Chanana’s bold fashion choices may be controversial, they highlight the larger issue of women’s freedom of expression and choices in a patriarchal society. As Chanana herself said, “I don’t care what people have to say. It’s my body and my choice. I am not hurting anyone by wearing what I want.”

After all , She made a instagram story on her profile by replying with a note of ” YOUR BODY IS YOUR RIGHT SHOWING SKIN IS NOT BEING BOLD, IT IS A “CHOICE””. This make controversy among public and many netizens comment the on post she made.

Here is her instagram story :

PHOTO 2023 04 04 08 11 04

PHOTO 2023 04 04 08 11 05

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Sharing the same video, NCM India Council for Men Awards sarcastically said that she is not Bollywood actress Urfi who is known for wearing different kind of clothes.

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