KANTHU VATTI PRESSURE : Heart Wrenching Video Of Youth Consuming Poison !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-07-13
13:36 IST

Video of a youth named Suresh consuming insecticide due to the pressure he has been facing due to a debt he borrowed from two individuals who are identified as Settu and Durai. Imposing usury interest, the duo demanded Suresh to pay back an unimaginable amount as a result of which he decided to end his life. Suresh s currently getting treatment at a government hospital and the police started investigating about the case with the help pf the video made by Suresh before drinking the insecticide.


Suresh belongs to Sengodanur located near Omanur of Salem district. He is working as a coolie and is living by his wife and a child. It has been reported that Suresh borrowed Rs. 40,000 from Settu and Durai for his own expense. Report of Polimer says that the youth had paid back Rs. 4 lakh and 80 thousand as interest alone and he is being threatened to pay Rs. 5 lakh more as interest.

Suresh, unable to handle the situation, uploaded a video in his social media handle and tried to kill himself. Relatives recovered him and admitted in a government hospital.

Click the link below to watch the video in youtube :

In the video, Suresh cried saying that he couldn’t even buy clothes for his child since his/her birth. “I have been working for Rs. 2000 per week. I would spend all the money by paying it to the lenders. I couldn’t even buy a single set of cloth for my child and didn’t buy anything for my wife. That’s how I am living my life” says Suresh in the video.

“I have been hiding that someone else celebrated my child’s birthday. I can’t pay debts. I even slapped my wife because of this issue. I don’t know where she went. I can’t live anymore. I have made my decision. Please take care of my wife and child. Don’t let those lenders harass them like they did to me” Suresh says in the video.

“I can’t bear this anymore” says Suresh before drinking a bottle of insecticide. Reports suggests that he has been saved by his relatives and is currently getting treatment at a government hospital. Police are currently investigating the case based on the video of Suresh.

Here’s the video made by Suresh before taking the extreme decision :

Source : Polimer 

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