“Dear Plip Plip. .” – RJ Anandhi’s Emotional Post Against The Youtubers!!

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Famous Radio Jockey cum Food reviewer Anandhi Iyappan, on Saturday, came up with a post in her official Twitter handle. Through the post, she called out the show runners of “Plip Plip” YouTube channel for roasting her interview in which she talked about her father’s death. Anandhi’s emotional post is being widely shared with many condemning the youtubers for mocking her perception over her father’s death.


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A couple of years ago, RJ Anandhi gave an interview to a private YouTube channel about how “reading books” changed her perception in certain things. The “Comali” actress said that she ate her father’s favourite “Ghee Roast” on her way to Coimbatore to see her father for one last time.

“I was going in a car and started embracing the moment. I was listening to my favourite songs and ate Ghee Roast. I started handling the situation with the help of those books I read without my consciousness. I realized that the death was natural” Anandhi said in that interview.


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“I could have cried for the loss but knowing about what he went through all his life, especially the past 6-8 months, I realized that it the beauty of life. Its not just Appa, tomorrow it might be me, that’s how life is” Anandhi said and went on to explain about how it drizzled and sun came out and how people are failing to see beautiful things in their life due to their mindset.

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Days later, “Plip Plip” YouTube channel came up with a Roast video for the film “Jagame Thanthiram” in their YouTube channel. While describing one of the characters in the movie, the duo made fun of how Anandhi explained about her perception over her father’s death. Imitating her accent, the duo exaggerated Anandhi’s statements to make it look like a joke.

Now, on the 2nd year anniversary of her father, Anandhi came up with a post in her official Instagram handle, calling out “Plip Plip” for hurting her emotions. Anandhi said that people who have lost their loved ones due to cancer, would know the mixed emotions of grief and relief after facing the loss.

She also attached a poem, remembering her father. Check it out below :





“It’s Been 2 Yrs without Appa. Dear @plipplip_tamil , your roast on my interview about my dad’s death hurt. During Appa’s hospitalisation, the hospital didn’t serve him Ghee roast which was his favourite. Our dinner was always a ghee roast that I bought from the hospital canteen” Anandhi said in her tweet.

“On my way to Coimbatore from Chennai, I wanted to share my last ghee roast with him. You will never know why it tasted so good. Ask somebody who has lost their loved ones to cancer, they will tell you the confusion of both grief and relief” She further said and went on to add “Also to all the media people who wrote articles on how “reading makes you go mad” for me having my ghee roast on the day my dad passed away, you made me feel thankful for having left this earth for good. It’s a beautiful world, even if you can’t add something to it, just let it b”

Check out her tweets below :

As soon as her tweets surfaced, many users of the micro blogging social media site, started slamming the youtubers.


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