Cow Injured & Killed Leopard As It Killed Its Calf !! SHOCKING Revenge Story !!

A leopard, which had suffered critical injuries in an attack by cows in Gautala wildlife sanctuary in Aurangabad recently, died this morning, a forest official said. The feline was being treated at Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre near Junnar in Pune district, where it succumbed to the injuries, the official said.


Leopard Attacked By Cow

“After the leopard killed a calf at Bhambarwadi Shivar in Gautala on Monday morning, a herd of cows had charged at it. One of the cows lifted the leopard on the horns and flung it in the air,” forest officer Raosaheb Kale said.


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Dr Ajay Deshmukh of Manikdoh rescue center said, “The leopard was old and weak. Its vertebra had suffered fractures in the attack. The animal was responding to the treatment.”


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