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Couple Fell In Love During Lockdown Through PUBG !! Tweet Goes Viral



Couple Fell In Love During Lockdown Through PUBG !! Tweet Goes Viral

In a violent game which crowns the person who stands the last, also gives space for people to make love it seems. The game which received large number of criticism from all over the country, also acts as a game that helps people to spread love which became evident through a tweet uploaded by an account named as “Rebel Kumari”. Uploading a picture of herself getting kissed by her love, she said that they fell in love with each other through the PUBG game.


Needless to say, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a very popular online multiplayer royale game and its craze is increasing by leaps and bounds among avid gamers. The game got banned by the Indian government but people managed to play the game by using VPN app and by downloading APK app.


The craze for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) i.e an online multiplayer battle royale game is phenomenal in India. The game is always a hot topic of discussion on social media as people in general and memers always made it a subject to talk about.

Now, most recently a twitter user named Kumari came up with a series of tweets claiming that she fell in love with a guy through the game. “The pandemic turned a random pubg match to a whole ass soulmate and we finally met” read her first tweet which shows her receiving a kiss from her partner.


The tweet garnered 5k plus likes so far and Kumar, in her next tweet, wrote “Had to wait 7 months to finally meet him”

In her next tweet, she wrote “I asked for a med kit, and he ended up giving me his heart”

“Gave him my 6x for his splitfire m416 and he decided to take my heart too” next tweet of Kumari read.

She also thanked the people who congratulated her and asked apologize for not being able to reply to all of them. “Sorry I am unable to reply to all the wishes but my heart goes to all of you sending blessings and love our way” her final tweet read.

These tweets from the twitter user are trending in Internet with reactions trolling and congratulating the couple. Earlier, Nourhan-al-Hashish from Zagazig, Egypt announced his engagement in twitter which was caused by the mobile game.



Check out some of the reactions for Kumari’s announcement in twitter :

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