“Cool” Suresh Released An Emotional Video After Receiving Hatred !!

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6 months ago

After seeing the negative comments that were made against him by a section of online users, “Cool” Suresh released an emotional video stating that he won’t be reviewing films hereafter. Narrating about the ordeal he has been going through financially, Suresh questioned few people don’t like him growing. Suresh also clarified about the incident where his car glass got broken by fans on the release day of “Vendhu Thaninthathu Kaadu”.

Initially known for his appearance as a supporting actor in films, “Cool” Suresh rose to fame after identifying himself as an ardent fan of actor Simbu. He has been uttering the title of Simbu’s upcoming films in the theatre premises and grabbed the attention of media and fans.

Simbu recognized the hard work of Cool Suresh who became popular by uttering the title “Vendhu Thaninthathu Kaadu” in theatre premises for all these days. He who identifies himself as an ardent fan of actor Simbu, didn’t fail to pronounce the film’s title in any of the opportunity he got. His rhyming phrases and cheeky replies to media gained him a separate followers as a result of which he started appearing in memes as template.

Now, as the film got released and running successfully in theatres, Suresh came up with a video expressing his dejection over the comments he witnessed in social media platforms.  Starting to thanking fans for making “Vendhu Thaninthathu Kaadu”, a huge hit, Suresh clarified that no one attacked his car and damaged it. “Just because you need content, you guys have made a news saying that people broke my car glass. Out of love, fans, while trying to hug and shake hands with me, got on top of the car. But the news was wrongly portrayed in media” Cool Suresh said.

“In comments, many asked why they stopped with me and didn’t attack me or set fire on me. What sin I committed ? Did I hurt anyone in your house ? Did I steal from your house ? Didn’t I deserve to live good ? You know how hard I have worked for cinema ? I only made you people happy. But you people want me to get hurt” he said in thevideo shedding.

“Though I am popular in social media now, I have been struggling financially. I can’t pay rent or pay due for my vehicle” Cool Suresh said in the video and went on to reveal about how Simbu reacted to the fame he has gained now. Suresh also said that his friend Santhanam and the directors whom he know would help him out of poverty. “I won’t be doing reviews hereafter” Suresh said by adding that he only wanted his idol STR’s film to get success.

Watch the video below :

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