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Complaint Against DMK In Election Commission For Violating Election Rules !!



Complaint Against DMK In Election Commission For Violating Election Rules !!

For breaching the rules provided by Election commission ahead of the Tamil nadu assembly polls, ruling party AIADMK has filed a complaint against DMK. Through the complaint, they accused DMK of spending Rs. 200 crore for the Trichy rally which exceeded the amount determined by the election commission for the upcoming assembly polls. The AIADMK party demanded the election commission to include the amount in the expense of the candidates.


Political parties of state Tamil nadu are busy campaigning for the upcoming assembly polls. The Election Commission of India announced the schedule for five upcoming assembly elections in the country – Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala, West Bengal and Puducherry. While Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry will have elections in a single phase, polls will be held in Assam in three phases. West Bengal, however, will have elections in eight phases.

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Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam conducted a massive rally at Trichy district ton March 7. It has been reported that Rs. 200 crores has been spent for the rally that included 25, 000 cars, crackers, banners, canteens etc. AIADMK has registered a complaint against DMK in the election commission for breaching the rules by spending excess amount of money.


Reports suggested that 8 canteens were opened to provide food for 2 lakh people. With 25,000 vehicles, many banners, posters were planted throughout the highways. A sum of crackers that worth Rs. 1 crore were used in the rally, says reports. The complaint of AIADMK said that Rs. 200 crore was spent to conduct the rally.

The complaint further said that DMK has spent excess amount of money to attract people after the rules determined by election commission came into effect. AIADM demanded the entire amount to be included in the expense of the candidates.

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According to the rules of election commission, a party is allowed to spend Rs. 30,88,000 for one constituency. For all the 180 constituencies where DMK is going to contest, the total amount allowed is Rs.55 crore and 44 lakh. The complaint of AIADMK said that the MK Stalin led has already spent Rs.200 crore for Trichy rally and urged Election commission not to let them spend one more rupee for any other constituencies. The ruling party also asked Election commission to take strict action against DMK for breaching the election rules. The complaint petition requested Election commission to punish DMK by considering the welfare of the public people and to conduct the election impartially.

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