“Comali” Director Got Exposed By His Classmate ??

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5 months ago

Pradeep Ranganathan, director of “Comali” movie became a subject of severe online troll after making a statement about “filling form” and becoming aware of caste and community during his second standard. Many wondered which school lets 7 year old kids to fill form and that too the community column and started trolling the filmmaker. Earlier, his statement about a person donning a straight “Namam” indicates that he is perfect, orthodox, genuine in the same interview caught into controversy as well.

The filmmaker who is going to debut as protagonist through a film named “Love Today”, is currently busy promoting it by appearing in interviews of youTube channels. While talking famous film critic Baradwaj Rangan, Pradeep talked about how he got aware of the caste and community system in our region.

“I came to know about caste only while filling up a form. I asked my mother what was this and she explained about it to me. This was during my 2nd or 1st standard. In order to register it in the attendance register, they would ask me to fill up the form each year” Pradeep said in the interview.

“After going to class, this became a topic for a discussion among us. We started talking about who belongs to which caste. When another boy came in between, a student named his caste out and said that he belongs to that caste due to their occupation. I gained knowledge through those incidents. It didn’t affect me. Right from teacher to everyone would look at the student after knowing about their caste” Pradeep said.

Watch the video below :

On seeing the video, a Twitter user named Abhishek claimed that Pradeep was his classmate from 2nd standard to 10th but nothing happened as per the statement of him.

“We are classmates from 2nd to 10th, I don’t recollect this incident or form filled” he said in his tweet which is going viral among the users of the micro blogging social media site.

“I’ve been to his house n all da.. Ppl change but this is beyond shocking” Abhishek said and went on to add “Hope he’s doing well and I wish him the best! This isn’t the guy I know in school” while replying to the comments.

‘In 2nd STD? Children knew about castes n talk abt it? We used to give particulars every year, but none of us spoke about caste nor discussed abt it? We never knew which caste another child belonged to, neither were we interested! Strange” an online user commented on seeing the video whereas another one said “Which school would have given the form to students in the 2nd standard?? Absurd”

Check out some of the reactions that surfaced for the filmmaker’s statement :


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