“Comali” Actress RJ Anandhi Criticized Pradeep’s Work In “Love Today” !!

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4 months ago

RJ Ananthi who acted in Pradeep Kumar’s debut directorial “Comali” as Yogi babu’s pair, in one of her recent videos of her youtube channel, has criticized about the filmmaker’s recent work “Love Today”. She called out how the toxic behaviour of men gets normalized in the film and also talked about how insensitive it is to make fun of elders by calling them as “boomer”.

“Love Today” starring Pradeep Ranganathan and Ivana got released in theatres recently and is still running successfully among the audience of Tamil nadu. Along with the lead stars, Yogi Babu, Sathyaraj, Radhika Sarathkumar, Raveena and many youtube stars were included in the cast list. Produced by AGS, the film impressed it’s target audience and is receiving positive reception from fans and from the critics.

The film’s plot revolves around Uthaman Pradeep and Nikitha played by Pradeep and Ivana respectively, seeking permission from the latter’s father to get married. Father of Nikitha wants the couple to exchange their cell phones for one day and use it. He says that if they still want to get married the next day, he will give them the permission they want.


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After the duo come to know about the dark secrets of their personal lives after going through each other’s cell phones, they scold each other and their relationship is about to end. The film’s climax relies on how they managed to reunite, despite all the barriers. Apart from the film’s engaging screenplay and relatable content, performance of the artists were also got highly appreciated by the audience and critics.

The film also got criticized by a number of fans for the way it romanticizes the toxic behaviour of men and for highlighting the flaws of women as an issue. Followed by the many, famous radio jockey cum youtuber RJ Anandhi who is running a youtube channel to review books, expressed her displeasure over the film’s idea.


“You didn’t send abusive messages to me and my sister, so, I believe you but you are saying that you want to have sexual intercourse with a heroine, that too with your gang and also expecting us to take it as a joke. Even If we take it as a joke, won’t you know that it’s wrong subconsciously ??” Anandhi asked through her video.

“How long women will tolerate this ?? Humour at what cost ??” she further question. Anandhi made the statements while reviewing “Kamasutra” book in her youtube channel. Watch the video below :

Source : The Book Show 

“Love Today”, reportedly collected more than Rs. 70 crore against the budget of just Rs. 5 crore and became one of the most profitable films of the year 2022. In the Telugu region, the film is expected to end it’s theatrical run with Rs. 18-20 crore gross. Despite of the huge numbers the film managed to pull off through its performance at the box office, it failed to impress the internet audience. Previously, Sivakarthikeyan’s “Don” which collected more than Rs. 100 crore gross at the box office, faced similar issue post it’s OTT release.



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