College Student Made Fun Of Archana’s “Bathroom Tour” Video!! Her Instant Reply Is Trending

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2 months ago

Based on a “Bathroom Tour” video which was made by famous anchor Archana years ago, a college student made a rude comment while she attended an event of the college as a chief guest. Replying to him, Archana said that she is not ashamed of that decision at all and encouraged others to do the same if they feel that their bathroom is clean enough.


More than a year ago, Archana Chandhoke uploaded a video in her youtube space “Wow Life” titling it as “Wow Life Presents “Achuma’s Bathroom Tour” Enga Veettu Bathroom ft. Archana & Zaara” which showed the Mother and Daughter duo showing their bathroom to their followers. The video garnered huge response from the followers of the youtube channel which was evident through the number it did.

Followed by the wide reach, the video also received trolls and hatred from the followers and the other content creators of youtube space. They trolled Archana for making a content out of her house’s bathroom. As a result, the troll videos started receiving copyright strikes for using the clips from the video uploaded by Archana and got deleted.

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Many argued that what Archana did to the small time youtube creators was legally correct but ethically wrong. They said that receiving hatred in youtube space is common and suggested the seasoned anchor to ignore negativity.

Now, after many months, When Archana attended a college function as a chief guest, a student made a comment regarding the same and the former Bigg Boss contestant couldn’t resist herself from replying to him.

While delivering her speech, Archana said “When “Wow Life” got mentioned, a brother from that side commented “Hey, Bathroom tour da”. “Showing your bathroom is not wrong, This college taught me that one can show their bathroom if it is in that state” Archana said to credit the college in which she studied in the past.


“I’m not ashamed of my bathroom tour video, I was not showing how I am poo*ing, I was telling how to keep a bathroom clean because you have bathroom attached to bedroom. I learnt that kind of “out of the box” thinking through this college ” Archana further said.

She further thankes the college for making her what she is today. “Thanks to this college for giving me this attitude which doesn’t bothers about the trolls” Archana concluded.

Watch the video below :

source : Little Talks 

Archana Chandhoke who is known for hosting TV shows, entered the Bigg Boss house as the 16th contestant. Her shows such as “Ilamai Pudhumai”, “Kalakka Povathu Yaaru”, “Sare gama Pa”, “Comedy times” gained her enough fame to become a household name among the Tamil Television audience. After a break, She made her re-entry into the media industry and once gained huge acclaim after interviewing Superstar Rajinikanth for Zee Tamil channel after 2.0 release.

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During the grand finale of the Bigg Boss show, Archana said that she came to know about the power of social media through her Bigg Boss stint. After getting evicted from the house, Archana announced that she is quitting from Twitter and said that she will bounce back stronger which she did indeed.

She stayed 66 days inside the Bigg Boss house. On the work front, Archana who acted in a couple of films so far, appeared in Sivakarthikeyan’s “Doctor” in a pivotal role and hosting a prime show in Zee Tamil. It was also reported that she is going to appear in the film with her daughter Zaara Vineeth.

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