College Student K*lled His Friend & Sent Pictures To His GF !! SHOCKER

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4 weeks ago

College student from Telangana confessed about killing his friend after he dated his ex-girlfriend. The police investigation into the murder of engineering college student Naveen Sanu in the suburbs of Hyderabad has revealed a shocking confession from the accused, Harihara Krishna. According to the police report, Harihara Krishna and Naveen were friends since Class 12, and Naveen had previously liked a girl. After nine months, Harihara Krishna proposed to the girl, and she agreed. However, Naveen realized that Harihara Krishna was in love with the same girl and was bothering her again. On the night of January 17, 2023, Harihara Krishna took Naveen to a deserted place by the roadside, and an argument ensued. It has been reported that the accused, after killing Naveen, sliced open his belly, ripped his heart out and chopped off his genitalia as an act of revenge. After committing the horrendous crime, he also sent the pictures to the girl through WhatsApp.

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Spot that Incident Happen

Harihara Krishna asked Naveen, “I love that girl. Are you dating another girl? Why are you bothering her again?” Naveen hit Harihara Krishna with his hands, saying, “I love her, forget her.” In retaliation, Harihara Krishna hit Naveen hard with his hands, intending to kill him. They beat each other, and Harihara Krishna sat on Naveen and strangled him. In a fit of rage, he took off Naveen’s clothes and cut his head with a knife he had brought. Then he cut across the chest and took out the heart, amputated two fingers, and dragged Naveen’s body into the trees so that no one could see it.

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Harihara Krishna

Harihara Krishna confessed that he had been planning to kill Naveen for three months and bought a knife and two pairs of plastic gloves from a pharmacy for Rs 200 at a mall in Malakpet. He said that he decided to kill Naveen because he had sex with the woman he was in love with. On the afternoon of February 17, Harihara Krishna picked up Naveen and went to a restaurant in Nagolu with another friend named Jeevan and had lunch. After that, Jeevan went home, and they shopped till night and went to different places. Naveen asked if they could go to the hostel in Nalkonda for the night, so they took him along and left on the bike. They bought wine at Betha Amberpet and drank and then left by car.

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Harihara Krishna told Naveen that it was not good to go that far after drinking at that time. They took a U-turn at Ramoji Film City and returned. From there, he took Naveen to Ramadevi Public School and killed him. After killing Naveen, Harihara Krishna put the knife used for the murder, Naveen’s clothes, and mobile phone in the bag he had brought and threw Naveen’s head, pants, knife, and mobile phone on the roadside. He went to his friend Hasan’s house and took a bath and told him what happened. Frightened by this, Hasan asked him to surrender to the police immediately.

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Police Investigation

The next day, Harihara Krishna threw his clothes in the garbage dump in the Sagar campus and called his girlfriend to tell her that Naveen was killed. She got scared and scolded him. Then he went to his father’s house in Warangal and went to other places after the murder. When Naveen’s uncle called and asked if he was missing, Harihara Krishna said he didn’t know and told him that Naveen had argued with him because he said “don’t smoke ganja.”

IMG 2285 min
Harihara Krishna with his Father

Harihara Krishna is being investigated under IPC Sections 302, 201 and SC, ST Prevention of Atrocities Act Section 3(2). Rajiv had thrown Naveen’s shirt banyans at Krakakalpa, according to the police investigation report.

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