Cinema Celebrities, Journalists & Politicians Reacted To The “Zomato” Issue !!

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CM / Updated: 2021-10-20
11:27 IST

Along with the public, a number of cinema celebrities, politicians and journalists has reacted to the Zomato issue that took place on Tuesday. From MP Su Venkatesan to cinema actress Kasthuri Shankar, many known personalities reacted to the news by uploading to tweets in their respective social media handles. A tweet uploaded by Singer Srinivas, condemning Zomato blew up in the micro blogging social media site as well.


It all started when a customer named Vikas tried to get his refund after finding an item missing in the order he made. A call centre agent cited language barrier as an issue and made a personal opinion on why everyone in India should learn Hindi language, a “little” bit. Agitated Vikas captured the screen shot of his chat and uploaded it in his twitter handle which blew up across the country. It led to a twitter trending of hashtag “Reject Zomato”.


Hours after the issue made headlines, Zomato came up with a public note, apologizing to Vikas for what happened and announced that the employee is fired. However, Deepinder Goyal founder of the food delivery app, came up with a tweet commenting on the “tolerance” level of people in our country. He who felt the employee is young and still learning, reinstated her. The tweet stirred controversy again as many people who belong to the Tamil speaking state felt that Deepinder didn’t understand the whole context of the issue.

Actor Kamal Haasan, in his tweet, said that central government should intervene and make things clear about Hindi not being our national language as many believing it as a fact. Check out his tweet below :

Singer Srinivas said “I love Hindi songs I can speak Hindi but Hindi is Not our Only National language.If you live or work in Tamil Nadu,you need to know Tamil.. English is ok since it is the Lingua Franca for the world. There’s no such thing for the nation, though. Learn to speak Tamil in TN. Hindi is not our Only official language .. we have 22 official languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada” through his tweet.

“The customer is always whichever language he prefers. If you want my business, ask in my language. It’s that simple ! @deepigoyal, you can give sermons on Hindi and tolerance after addressing the ignorance and arrogance at zomato . Top down” actress Kasthuri said in her tweet.

Here’s how MP Su Venkatesan and MLA Durai Chandrasekharan reacted to the issue.


Journalist Niranjan Kumar has been tweeting about how flawed Zomato is as a company, ever since the issue took place.

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