Chinmayi’s Sensational Reply To A Random Online Guy !! UNBELIEVABLE !!


Famous Journalist Rangaraj Pandey made his acting debut through a high budget movie. He debuted in a movie which has Ajith Kumar in the lead and the movie was directed by one of the successful directors of Kollywood, H. Vinoth. As the movie is getting released today, Pandey have interviews to number of media houses.

On seeing his interview to Cinema express about Nerkonda Parvai, in which he also talked about interviewing Chinmayi a year ago during #MeToo movement, Chinmayi has reacted on it in a furious way. During the interview, Rangaraj Pandey kept asking questions to Chinmayi, in a way of confronting her allegations against Vairamuthu.

Check out his recent interview here :

Source : Cinema Express 

Chinmayi who saw this interview immediately responded to it through her twitter account. In her post she wrote “This interview with Mr Rangaraj Pandey.
From 22:00 Minutes. Mr Rangaraj Pandey’s interview was hands down, one of the most non-empathetic, cruel one that I have done during the MeToo movement. He continues to ask the same question, “Why so late?””

Check out her tweet here :

She further justified why she opened about the issue 19 years later and how Vairamuthu was left unquestioned for her allegations against him. Check out the tweets that explained her state :

In a way of replying to her tweets, one of her follower asked her to provide any sort of evidence to prove her state. He also referred the incident of Radha Ravi who got punished because of his video evidence.

Frustrated Chinmayi, immediately replied that she has no video camera attached to her breasts or butt to record what happened to her because of Vairamuthu. Her tweet read as “Sorry I didnt have a camera attached to my breasts or my butt. Thanks”

Chinmayi is facing abuses and trolls since she started exposing the culprits who has sexually harassed girls. She started with Vairamuthu whom she accuses of sexual harassment in 2000. What do you think on these tweets of the singer ?? Comment your views below !!




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