Chinmayi’s Husband’s Reply To Singer Srinivas !!


Chinmayi’s husband and filmmaker Rahul Ravindran replied to popular singer Srinivas who said that young girls should follow Shreya Ghoshal. Known for singing several hit songs in Tamil film industry, Singer Srinivas also participated in popular singing shows as judge. Yesterday, he shared a video of singer Shreya Ghoshal and wished her for her birthday.

In his caption, Srinivas advised youngsters to follow Shreya Ghoshal and to focus on music to find happiness. “All you youngster musicians out there, aspire to be like Shreya. Focus on music and find happiness and give out happiness to your listeners . Happy birthday Shreya Ghoshal” his caption read.

Check out his post below :

On seeing this post of Srinivas, one of his follower who felt that he is taking sly dig at Chinmayi for her activities in social media, directly asked him through the comment section. “This looks like a direct dig at Chinmayi.
That’s really unfair. Female artists have been doing just that for decades and nothing has changed. If it’s possible to be a predator and a lyricist, it is possible to be a harbinger of change and a wonderful singer. More power to her.”
he wrote in his comment.

To this comment, Srinivas said that Chinmayi is a brilliant singer. He further added that he wishes her to focus more on singing. Check out his reply here :

Rahul Ravindran, Chinmayi’s husband jumped in to defend his wife, after seeing Srinivas’s comment. Rahul asked all the singers, athletes, maids, cops, auto drivers and every human to be brave like Chinmayi. He wrote “All you young singers, athletes, maids, cops, auto-drivers, software engineers… basically, humans… be brave like Chinmayi. Others will either help or discourage. But only you can speak up for yourself. What say sir? Correct only no? Big love to you. Let people who are brave be brave sir. Not all of us have the stomach for it. Let’s at least not pull them down. Genuinely, best regards.” he wrote in his tweets.

Check out his tweets below :

On seeing the way Rahul replied, one of a twitter user tagged Chinmayi and said that she is the luckiest to have a precious husband like Rahul. Chinmayi immediately replied to her by saying that she agrees.

Chinmayi is known for voicing out against sexual harassments against women. Since accusing lyricist Vairamuthu for being a predator, Chinmayi has been sharing news and complaints against molestation. Comment your views on the way Rahul replied to Srinivas.


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