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Chinmayi’s Husband Rahul Gets Emotional On Seeing The Trolls & Abuses Chinmayi Receiving !! CHECK OUT !!

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Chinmayi’s Husband Rahul Gets Emotional On Seeing The Trolls & Abuses Chinmayi Receiving !! CHECK OUT !!

Chinmayi doesn’t need to enter Bigg Boss to grab the headlines everyday. Chinmayi doesn’t need to enter Bigg Boss to grab headlines everyday. The replies she has been giving to her haters in online platforms are more than enough. She replied to many of haters including the one who asked her nude pictures. The South Indian #MeToo representative trolled him back hilariously by sending him the pictures of nude lipsticks.


In this Internet era, not only the number of people who use social media for ordinary purpose increased but also number the people who abuse girls online increased in a equal number. Since the start of the MeToo movement, Chinmayi has been at the center stage of the events after her accusations against legendary lyricist Vairamuthu became a huge talking point all round.

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A storm broke out after singer Chinmayi accused poet-lyricist Vairamuthu of sexual harassment in the wave of #MeToo that swept through South India. While some in the industry did speak in support of her, she faced a lot of trolling and abuse for making the charge. Now the singer post a tweet against the poet who asked fathers to promise their kids not to consume alcohol.


Now her husband Rahul ravindran, whose film Manmathudu 2, is getting released today, conducted a chat session in his official twitter account to interact with his followers. To one of his follower’s question who deleted his question later, Rahul wrote “Yes… everyone has been trolling my wife. Abusing in fact. It hurts. But silence is golden. When people watch the film they’ll realise it’s only in one single scene and why. And they’ll know why my wife is proud of me”

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Check out some of the reactions for his tweet :

 The question asked by the fan is however unknown as he deleted his tweet immediately. Rahul Ravindran was criticized earlier, for the number of censored dialogues in his Manmudhudu 2 movie as his wife is against female abuse.

Here’s the muted dialogues in his movie :


Chinmayi was married to Rahul Ravindran, who is also a South Indian actor turned director. Chinmayi and Rahul were friends, colleagues and in due course started dating each other by June 2013. They got married on 5 May 2014.


Rahul Ravindran made his debut in the Tamil film Moscowin Kavery which has actress Samantha in the female lead role. He made his debut as a director with a Telugu film Chi La Sow. What do you think on this statement of Rahul Ravindran ?? Comment your views below !!

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