Chinmayi Brutally Trolled Tik Toker For His Regressive Video On Women’s Clothes !!

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7 months ago

Singer cum MeToo activist Chinmayi, through her Instgram handle, trolled a Tik Toker who said that women shouldn’t wear “revealing” clothes in order to stay valuable. He made examples such as diamond and pearl to compare with women and got huge reach for his post from the users of Instagram. Countering the same, Chinmayi released a video on her behalf and explained how flawed his beliefs are.


In the video, Kishore whose twitter handle name reads as “Vijay TV” Kishore, said that a girl named Ashwini asked him to put up a video on the decision made by her boyfriend about their relationship. Kishore said that Ashwini’s boyfriend Ajith asked her not to wear clothes that “reveals” her body.

Kishore, in his video said that he supports the views of Ajith and said that the valuable things in the world such as Gold, Diamond and Pearl are kept closed and the body of women is the most valuable thing in the world comparing to all. “I wouldn’t blame you either Ashwini. We can’t destroy all the eyes which looks at women in a wrong way but we can hide our body” Kishore said in his video.

Watch his reel video below :

The video garnered 15 k likes from his one and half lakh plus followers. Many users were seen supporting his views through the comment section as well. Now, singer cum Metoo activist Chinmayi who is known for raising voice against women harassment by sharing the messages she receives from women in her DMs, uploaded a video to counter the Tik Toker.

Terming Kishore as a person who is adamant about propagating toxic patriarchy of male dominated Indian society but identifies himself as an individual of modern views, Chinmayi said that she uploaded her video to give suggestion for Ashwini.


“Those who are repeatedly saying that the most valuable things in the world are hidden, must understand that Diamond, Gold and Pearl are in the hidden state only till it comes to the market for sales in different shapes and sizes. Dowries are being demanded from bride’s families in such forms as well” said Chinmayi in her video.

“Comparing girls with diamond, pearl and gold is called “objectification”. While we are advising women to hide their body from crores of eyes, sexual harassment is taking place against new born babies, elderly women and even dead bodies. This is not advise to Ashwini sister but a suggestion. Net time, if you are seeking relationship advise, find an appropriate person” the singer concluded.

“Ashwini sister ku oru suggestion” read the caption of the sister’s post.

Here’s her reply video :


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