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Chinmayi Schooled A Follower Who Asked Her To Send “Nu*es” !!



Chinmayi Schooled A Follower Who Asked Her To Send “Nu*es” !!

Singer cum Me Too activist Chinmayi schooled an Instagram “kid” who asked her to send her naked picture while he was feeling “horny”. She talked about the importance of sex education in our country by sharing the screen shot of the texts sent by the user named “Krishh Star”. Chinmayi didn’t blame the user but expressed her disappointment over the society which associated sex with shame. She firmly believed that she wouldn’t have received such text from him if his parents provided him the sex education he required. She also advised him writing “Kindly masturbate” through her reply.


Singer and voice artist Chinmayi who is known for her raising voice against women harassment through “MeToo” movement, has been exposing the online perverts who send inappropriate texts to her in social media platforms. After accusing lyricist Vairamuthu by alleging that she was asked to “cooperate” by him, Chinmayi became one of the most active personality in South Indian social media and helped women in calling out sexual predators. She has been sharing the anonymous messages that were sent to her on how men are involved in harassing women mentally and physically.

Now, in this recent Instagram post of her, Chinmayi vented out her emotions about how lack of Sex education is ruining the younger generation. “Hey please send me your nudes, I’m feeling horn” is what Krishh wrote through his texts. “Kindly masturbate. If you are unaware how to – speak to a Gynaecologist. They will tell you what to do and to also practice hygiene. There is nothing wrong with masturbating! However asking women for nudes per your demand is absolutely wrong and
is called sexual harassment. Kindly behave yourself. Or speak to your father. Hopefully he’ll teach you to speak to women better. Hopefully. Stay safe from Covid-19.”
Chinmayi’s reply to him read.



Adding the screen shot, Chinmayi who believed that the Instagram user is a “kid”, blamed the bad parenting. She said that he was badly raised and wouldn’t be sending such messages to him, if his parents gave him the sex education. She advised the parents to educate their kids about sex which will help them to identify the good touch and bad touch.

“You perhaps had zero idea about what menstruation is. You perhaps had zero idea about sex because your parents didn’t have the chat with you.” the singer said in her post and recommended “Mayas Amma” to her followers to get help on how to educate kids about sex. “Sex education doesn’t ruin kids. Lack of awareness and consent does. If this kid knows what being horny means, and if his father had told him how to deal with, I needn’t have received this message at all and educate this kid.” Chinmayi believed.

Chinmayi said that watching “Porn” is not a crime and felt that it abnormal to associate sex with shame. She wanted the parents to teach children about “Porn” and about the “orchestration” it contains. “Eventually, it is not this boy’s fault. Our patriarchal, sex shaming society is to blame.” she said in her post and wanted people to learn about sex, at least for the sake of being in the country which is one of the most populated countries in the world.


“It is just chemistry and biology. If you could learn about root systems, stems and leaves and chlorophyll and pollination, you can learn this as well as clinically and simply. This is a country where woman think wearing a sanitary napkin (YES! I got this DM) or riding a bike will ruin their ‘virginity’. Please grow up” she wrote and sarcastcally appreciated the kid for being respectful in her DM.

Read the full post of Chinmayi below :

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