Chinmayi Reacted To Dharsha’s Tweet After Sathish’s Phone Call!!

Singer cum MeToo activist Chinmayi reacted to Dharsha Gupta’s tweet after receiving a phone call from actor Sathish regarding his stage speech about the emerging actress’s dress. Chinmayi who got appalled over the revelation of Dharsha and called out Sathish again through her tweet. She also became a subject to severe criticism for tweeting about her call with Sathish.

Initially, Chinmayi called out Sathish for making a gross comment about Dharsha Gupta’s cloth. Comparing her dress with Bollywood actress Sunny Leone, Sathish made the comment, thinking that it is humorous but it didn’t go well among the public.

Check out her tweet below :


Clarifying about the same, Sathish said “Dharsha Gupta said to me that she wore a modern dress competing Sunny Leone and was eagerly waiting to see what she was going to be wearing. After seeing her wearing a half saree, she got upset and expressed it to me. When I said it’s a good point, she asked me to tell it in the stage, only after she said it to me, I shared the same on the stage” Sathish said in the clarification video.

The actor seemingly called singer Chinmayi personally and clarified on the same as s result of which the me too activist uploaded a tweet referring to their conversation.

Here’s her tweet :

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However, Dharsha Gupta, through a reply tweet, had expressed her denial to Sathish’s statement. Terming Sathish’s clarification as “strange”, Dharsha asked “would anyone ask others to talk in a bad way in stage? It did hurt me but I didn’t expose my emotions much but talking in this way is not good’ she said.

“Sathish is this good way to turn on me, that I asked u to tell like this in stage? It’s very strange. Yaaravathu enna pathi, stage neenga asingama pesunganu solluvangala?? Enakum annaiku avlo hurt uh tha irunthuchu, but na atha perusa kaatikala. But ipo ipadi solrathu, not good” read her reply.

Check it out below :

“Wait. So this wasn’t a joke that you all agreed to speak on stage?!! Thats more or less what he said to me on the call.🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ ” Chinmayi replied to which Dharsha said “Nope dear, Never”


“Dude!! Horrendous. I honestly had no clue based on that call and for a second I wondered if I had overreacted on some joke you all were doing. Editing la apdi terinjurchh adhu idhu nnu. Please don’t delete your tweet. Am glad you spoke up” Chinmayi replied back.

“This is horrendous. If anyone needs to forgive him, it is her. I dont think men who throw such jokes in public domains realize this is how women get shamed time and again and this is a license to heckle. Horrible” She further tweeted.



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