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Chinmayi Once Again Shared The Screenshots Of Horrific Sexual Harassments !! So Cruel !!

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Chinmayi Once Again Shared The Screenshots Of Horrific Sexual Harassments !! So Cruel !!

Chinmayi who has been sharing screenshots of the messages she is receiving from the sexual harassment victims has now shared 3 horrific incidents which were sent to her by the victims themselves. The screenshots included stories of a woman based on Bangalore who was attacked by a stranger, a woman who was raped by her brother and of a woman who raped by her own uncle.

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The Bangalore based woman shared how bad her day was due to a stranger who posed himself as a man who is inquiring for an address and suddenly masturbated in front of her. The woman who caught hold of his collar started to slapped him with her slipper. The man who raised his auto dragged her a bit on broad day light.

Here’s the screenshot she shared :


On sharing this message Chinmayi wrote “Yet another day for a girl.” Check out the tweet here :


In her next tweet, Chinmayi shared a message of a woman who was raped by her  brother when she was 12 year old. And she also came to know that her elder sister was also a victim of her brother’s sexual exploitation.


While sharing this tweet Chinmayi wrote “One of the 1000s of stories I got. Of a girl being raped by her brother when she was 12. Please remember that several families are fractured and broken already. This is a country that doesn’t want to teach sex education because they don’t want to ‘give ideas’.”


The third screenshot revealed about an uncle who raped his sister’s daughter. The woman who shared it says that it happened when she was totally unknown of things. Once she revealed it to her Mother, it is said that her mother regretted for having over confidence in family members.


“And if that isn’t enough – here’s an uncle that raped his niece. There are millions of men like this, which our jails cannot hold. So what’s society going to do?” wrote Chinmayi on sharing this screenshot.

Since the start of the MeToo movement, Chinmayi has been at the center stage of the events after her accusations against legendary lyricist Vairamuthu became a huge talking point all round. The singer also one of the active twitter users who would make statements often regarding the current social affairs and imbalance between men and women in the society.

What do you think on these horrific sexual harassments that is taking place in our country ??


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