Chinmayi Complaints About Instagram For Not Restricting Men !!

10 months ago

Singer cum Me Too activist Chinmayi, on Monday, came up with a tweet calling out Instagram for not identifying the predators who send illicit videos to women but restricting the female users who report it. The renowned celebrity said all the social media platforms are designed in a way of letting the toxic male accounts be and the only option women left is, to name and shame them in public.

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Chinmayi, after becoming the face of Me Too activism in South India, has been helping women who are going through sexual harassment by men in every possible way. Chinmayi Sripaada has accused renowned lyricist Vairamuthu by alleging that she was asked to “cooperate” and visit him in a hotel. In the wake of #MeToo movement, there are plenty of other women who have accused Vairamuthu on the basis on anonymity. But singer Chinmayi chose to tweet.

She has recalled an incident that a concert organiser asked her to “cooperate” and visit Vairamuthu in his hotel room. She said this happened in 2005 or 2006. Since Chinmayi revealed about it, she has been receiving both criticism and support from the users of Internet. Though she is yet to get justice, Chinmayi has been helping women by naming the harassers through her social media handles where she is having millions of followers.


The nationally recognized singer has been sharing the messages she is receiving through her social media handles in order to let her followers know the hardship women are going through due to men. On Monday, the singer came up with a couple of tweets calling out Instagram for its lack of ability in finding the right violators.

“Instagram is sooooo amazing that it allows the account of the man who sends a masturbation video, penis photos but restricts the woman who reports it instead. Just amazing :)” Chinmayi sarcastically said and went on to add “The fact that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram lets all these penis sending accounts be, all the abuse in regional languages even when reported to the cops or otherwise is of no use in India – generally gives women only one option. Name and shame and / or doxx them”

Here’s her tweets :

Check out some of the reactions her tweet received :




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