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The core idea of the Me Too campaign is to allow the survivor to speak up, and to listen. This requires a safe space to vent, where support will be unconditional. Sadly, such is not the case in the Tamil Twitterverse.

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Since last one week, the #MeToo movement has been growing bigger and stronger in India with many women from different walks are joining it and sharing their horrifying stories.

Samantha Akkineni, Varalaxmi Saratkumar and Siddharth. That’s about all of the celebrity voices from the Tamil film industry to come out in support of Chinmayi’s tweets against Vairamuthu.

Both Samantha and Siddharth are seen as outsiders in the Tamil film industry, since they both work extensively in Telugu cinema as well.

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Of all their tweets, Siddharth alone named Vairamuthu in his tweet and asked for an investigation and action to be taken.

One of the most trending news online has been the #MeToo movement headed in Tamil Nadu by singer Chinmayi Sripaada. Allegations and reports have been spinning viral all over the internet for the past few days. It has been stated by various celebrities that this movement is an initiative for Women to speak up about their past personal experiences in order to ensure safety for Women in all aspects of life.

Chinmayi has opened up her Twitter handle to share stories of various Women who have been harassed in workplace and others. Various celebrities were also supposedly involved in many of these stories. The attention of the entire Tamil industry has been projected onto this issue. In a recent press meet conducted by a section of Women to address the rise of this movement, singer Chinmayi was questioned about the need to voice out her experience now when the incident had taken place about 10 years back.

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She responded stating “This is an initiative for the betterment of Women and to ensure their safety. We are not here to trash and embarrass every man who walks on the roads. We are sharing stories that are legit which needs to be addressed by the people in power. We are only pleading you all to accept us and support us through this very crucial time and help bring us justice”

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