Chinmayi Called Out Youtuber Biriyani Man For His Reply To Lady Pista!!

Singer cum Me Too activist Chinmayi called out a youtuber named “Biriyani Man” for a reply he provided to an Instagram user named “Lady Pista”. The nationally recognized singer said that she never heard about the youtuber but his reply to the Instagram influencer is crass. Chinmayi went on to make a statement saying that she would feel safer to be in a room with a stray dog than being with one “Radha Ravi” or “Vairamuthu”


It all started after Lady Pista who is enjoying 74 k plus followers in Instagram uploaded a video in her photo/video sharing space comparing men with stray dogs. “Not all men. I too have been with a lot of men privately. Of course not all men. But there are some men. What to do? How do I identify from all these men?” said the individual in her video.

“Not every stray dog will bite you but few of them will bite you. We will be cautious with all of them, right?? It’s just a common sense” She further said in the video.

Replying to her video, Biriyani man, in a way of mocking her, said that she should smell the poop of dogs to know whether it would bite or not and asked her to do the same with men to know whether one is a predator or not. The youtuber further said “If I ever compared women with stray dogs, would you all spared me? No. But why she is spared?? Because of her women card”

Sharing the video, Independent journalist Sonia Arunkumar condemned the youtuber referring to the previous videos he made and also tagged singer Chinmayi in her post.

Here’s the video :

Chinmayi who got notified by the tweet, said that she had no clue about the youtuber and added that his reply is crass. “Had no clue who this Biryani man is until today. But this response is crass. Women are raised to be wary of everyone especially by their own fathers and brothers. Its not something new. This man will ALSO caution his future daughter to be ‘careful’.” said Chinmayi through her reply.

Here’s Chinmayi’s reaction :

When a twitter user questioned about Lady Pista comparing men with “Therunaai”, the singer replied saying “Honestly – I think women and humans would find dogs more trustworthy than humans in general. As for me – I d be safer with a therunaai in a room than with a Radha Ravi or the tamizh poetttttuuu l. Ask any woman”


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