Chinmayi Called Out Netizens Who Commented On Nayanthara’s Private Parts!!

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3 months ago

Singer Chinmayi who is pretty much active in social media platforms, interacting with her followers, updating about her professional career, is pretty much known for calling out miscreants who cause harm for women. Being one of the main representatives of “Me Too” movement in South India, Chinmayi never failed to name and shame the men who involve in sexual harassment against women.

Most lately, the singer called the online users who made obscene comments on the private parts and personal life of actress Nayanthara under a video of her uploaded by an Instagram page. Most of the comments were written in a way of mocking the actress based on her breast size.

Here’s the video shared by fully filmy :


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Sharing the same, Chinmayi wrote “comments in this post. All the perverts. The creeps. It is google that filmy Friday didn’t moderate the comments so we known who the dangerous ones are”

IMG 20221223 215612

“I’m wondering. Were all these nen Breastfed or not? I wonder what’ll happen if these men have daughters. No wonder so many mothers want their daughters to wear a Duppatta around their own sons and husbands” read the next story of Chinmayi.

“Do they know that men will sexualize and can’t control. Their pheelings even if it is their own daughter/sister?” she further questioned.

IMG 20221223 215532

She further highlighted the toxic comments and uploaded a story :

IMG 20221223 215710

Further, Chinmayi accused the page of deleting comments that calls out the miscreants. Sex Educator Mayas Amma dropped a comment in the post saying “The men commenting on
Nayantara, her breasts, about her husband,
their sex life, etc here. I feel very bad for the
women in your life. Especially your female
friends, little cousins etc. You would all be
mentally measuring their breast size right?
You should all be ashamed of yourself
for seeing a woman as an object, for
commenting on a random woman’s breasts,
for having no boundaries of what needs to
be spoken about a couple. Mine is a sex ed
page. I recommend all of you, especially the
cowards with the fake ids to follow my work
so you get some sense into your brains on
how to see/treat women” and Filmi Friday seemingly deleted it.

IMG 20221223 215639

Chinmayi highlighted it too and said “you had the audacity to restrict me on your page so that my comment is not visible to people. But you have all the nasty comments there. That speaks volumes about the admin of your page. Pathetic really”

IMG 20221223 215657

Nayanthara went to the event to promote her recent film “Connect”. This is not the first time Chinmayi backing a women who faces abuse from men as well. It is high time for men to realize that women deserves space to wear what they feel like and visit places without getting abused.

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