Chinmayi Accused Kamal Haasan After Seeing This Video Of Him !! WATCH


Popular singer and MeToo activist Chinmayi slammed actor turned politician Kamal Haasan for blaming victims after seeing a 6 year video of him uploaded by a twitter user. In the video, Kamal Haasan could be seen advising women to show dignity and be confident when a bunch of boys try to harass them. “No one will come near if your mind is clean” the actor could be seen saying.

“Rogues will restrain themselves from harassing a good woman. But if you try to attack them, they will take it as a signal and would disturb you. They will feel ashamed if you follow your path without losing your dignity. Be safe. Instead of deadly weapons, your education and self confidence will scare those scoundrels. You don’t have to worry. If your mind is clean, no one will come near you” Kamal Haasan said in the interaction with women.

Sharing the video, the twitter user questioned Kamal Haasan’s understanding on the safety of women. Check out the post below :

Popular playback singer Chinmayi who is known as a MeToo activist, replied to the tweet slamming Kamal Haasan. She defined the phrase “If your mind is clean, no one will come near you” as “textbook Victim Blaming 101”.

“Even Considering this is an interview from November 2014 – this ‘manasu sutthama irundha yaarum varamaatanga’ is textbook Victim Blaming 101.” read the tweet of the singer.

Replying to this accusation of the singer, fans of actor Kamal Haasan came up with tweets requesting her to see the full video where the actor said that he won’t demand women to stay inside home and wear proper clothes like others. “I won’t even ask them to learn self defense, I want them to handle such situations by following non-violence” Kamal said in the video shared by the fans of actor.

During the last season of Bigg Boss show, the actor requested public not to blame victims. “I can’t accept the victims being blamed when it comes to a case of rape. It is a separate psychological problem.” said Kamal and talked about people should condemn those who committed the crime.

They also shared the most recent video of the actor questioning the people who reason the clothes of women for crimes such as rape, women harassment etc. “They claim clothing is the reason for sexual assault. Men know how to behave themselves, but still they are violating it. It is sheer violence. Even deities are seen with lesser clothes, some of them wear nothing. If they are not getting that thought in that place, why are they getting that while seeing my sisters ??” he questioned in an event named “Maiam Maadhar sangam” organised by his party’s women’s wing in Chennai.

Watch the video below :


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