Cheran Promoted His Film By Doing This ?? Check His Clarification

Director Cheran who is known for making quality films in Tamil cinema, has appeared in a film named as “Rajavukku Check” as protagonist. Along with Cheran, actor Irfan played the role of an antagonist whereas Srushti Dange, Sarayu and Nandana Varma acted in the supporting roles. Since the release of the film, Cheran is very much involved in promoting the film through his social media account.


The film began its shoot in early 2018 but production was briefly stopped owing to an industry-wide strike. The entire shoot, barring one song, was over by May 2018. After so many struggles, the film managed to get its release in 24th January of 2020. The film is against the criminals who are causing violence against women such as rape and harassment.

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Now after a week of the film’s release, Cheran, the four time national award winner has lauded actress Srusti Dange for her brave decision to act in the film “Rajavukku Checkk” without clothes to help the content of the film. On seeing an youtube interview of the actress talking about acting in such scene, Cheran, through his official twitter lauded her by saying that one needs guts to act in a scene like that.

“Considering the importance of a particular scene, Srusti Dange acted in “Rajavukku Check” without clothes. She can be seen placed under a single towel. One needs guts to act in such scene. I can’t forget the way Sristi co-operated for the film. Thanks much” Cheran wrote in his tweet.


Check out his tweet here :


On seeing this tweet from the filmmaker, one of Cheran’s follower accused him by saying that he is promoting his film by highlighting a naked scene. He said “Clever” to troll the filmmaker sarcastically.

Cheran, who saw this tweet immediately replied by saying that he merely praised an artist for the effort she provided to nurture a scene. “Only to give the respect she deserves, we are talking about that scene. If we wanted to do publicity with that, we would have did it earlier itself. We never talked about it any interview. Please stop accusing generally” said Cheran as a reply.


Here’s his reply :

Cheran, the one who won four national award for his filmmaking skills, surprisingly participated in Bigg Boss house and shocked everyone by lasting in the game show for 91 long days. The last film he helmed was ‘Thirumanam’ which released earlier this year.

What do you think on this reply from Cheran ?? Comment your views below !!


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