“Cheran Caught Red-Handed” Meera Mithun Still Says That Cheran Harassed Her !! WATCH VIDEO !!

The first ever interview of Meera Mithun has released by several media houses. It is an undeniable fact that Meera Mithun occupied the most number of footages after the eviction of Vanitha Vijayakumar. Meera Mithun has appeared in few Tamil films such as 8 thottakkal, Thanaa Searntha Kootam etc.


Meera Mithun was evicted from BIGG BOSS on Sunday’s episode for receiving less number of votes. If you are not living under the rock, you must have crossed at least one post against Meera Mithun for accusing Director Cheran in Tamil Bigg Boss show. Viewers of the show are desperate to eliminate the model during the issue.


She is facing the outrage of social media for her behaviour in BIGG BOSS 3 Tamil. It all started when Cheran pushed away Meera Mithun while grabbing something from Losliya as a part of his task. To report about this, Meera called for a gathering and said that Cheran physically harassed her. Meera started to accuse Cheran in front of everyone blatantly.

At one point Cheran broke down and worried by thinking the future of his daughters. “In my 10 films, I have never kept a shot for navel and breasts of my heroines. People who like me would believe me but people who dislike me would talk in my back very badly” he said to the other contestants. As soon as watching the episode, the viewers of BIGG BOSS started to dig the past of the model.

meera 2


Now after getting eliminated Meera Mithun has again said that Cheran did it deliberately in several interviews. “You have seen the video right ? Actually the video showed what I said. I am not so expressive, I will always be smiling, above all there was a play going, I didn’t want to interrupt it. “Cheran would always accuse me for not doing works inside the house but I am the most active worker in the house. When I caught him red handedly for harassing me, Cheran created a scene and portrayed a different scenario.”

Watch the interview here :

Source : Behindwoods 

“I complained about something but to escape he totally changed the scenario and staged a drama by gathering everyone. Kavin and Sandy has said at that time that there  were no tears in his eyes. He made a scene out of it is what I feel” said Meera in the interview.



For her hypocritical statements and blatant lies, Meera Mithun confronted with almost everyone inside the house. Starting from Cheran to Dharshan, Meera involved in verbal spats for no proper reason. She even questioned Losliya once for striking her picture in front of Kamal Haasan. She allegedly has fraudulent case against her for cheating a costume designer. It was also reported that police entered Bigg Boss house to question the model on Thursday.

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