CHENNAI SHOCKER : Absence Of Doctor Led To Tragedy !! Video Call Delivery Went Wrong

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6 months ago

A Doctor who was supposed to be present in the Public Health Care at Chunambedu in Chengalpet district for his duty, instructed three nurses to attend the delivery of a pregnant woman through a video call. As a result the woman delivered a stillborn child and the Doctor who was responsible for the tragedy got transferred for his negligence.


As soon as the news about the stillborn baby spread, nearly 50 relatives of the woman gathered at the Public Health Care and staged a protest, demanding action against thestaff of the PHC. According to the reports of Police, Murali (34) and Pushpa (32) were expecting their second baby as they already have a two year old son.

As Pushpa’s delivery was due on Monday, Murali accompanied his wife to the PHC at 9 AM. Since there was no pain, the nurses advised them to return after developing labour pain. The couple returned to the hospital at 6 PM of the same day for delivery after the woman developed a mild pain.


According to Police reports, Dr. Balu who was supposed to be at the PHC for his duty at that time, was not available. The nurses discovered few complications after seeing the scan report. They came to know that the baby was in a breech position.

The nurses then called their mentor to inform him when they were asked to make a video call and directed to perform the delivery step by step. The nurses reportedly panicked after seeing the leg of the baby coming first. They were then asked to rush the woman to the Maduranthagam Government hospital.

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On the way, Pushpa delivered a stillborn girl and was admitted to the facility when she was profusely bleeding. Police said that the woman was stabilized on Monday night. Angered by the incident, relatives of the couple staged a protests in front of the Public Health Care demanding action against the Doctor.

The investigation regarding the case is currently on. In the meantime, the Directorate of Public Health transferred Dr. R Balu who was not present during his duty hours. The news has create huge outrage among the public with many questioning why the Doctor got transfer as his punishment.


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