Chennai Resident Exposed The Actual State Of COVID 19 Testing Process In The City !!

As the number of positive cases are increasing in vast number in Tamilnadu, strangely people are getting back to normalcy. With 33% of IT workers are going to office, Tea shops and other grocery shops and Supermarkets are functioning with a significant relaxation. Tamilnadu crossed the 9,000 mark on Wednesday and the death toll increased to 64 so far. In Chennai alone, 5,262 positive cases has been reported so far.


The deadly virus has killed nearly three lakh across the world and the government of India has decided to extend the lockdown for the third consecutive time to avoid it spreading. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that there will be a lockdown across the nation for the fourth time, details of which will be updated before 18th of May.

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As many of us are isolated and spending all of our time in home, we don’t know the actual state of how this whole thing of identifying positive cases is functioning in our country. All we have to do is to believe the numbers declared by the Government authorities through media firms. Now, a Chennai resident named as Swadi Prabhakaran happened to witness the whole process as her mother, unfortunately started showing the symptoms of COVID 19.

Being a resident of Anna nagar area, Swadi decided to share her experience in the micro blogging social media site to let people know about the actual state. On the night of 9th of May, Swadi’s mother who goes out to buy groceries twice a week by taking all the safety measurements, started showing the symptoms of COVID 19.

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When her fever reached a temperature of 102 F, Swati took her to a private lab to get her tested. To her shock, the lab sent her an email saying that her mother is POSITIVE. Along with Swadi and her Mother,the family consists 4 members which includes her grandmother and brother. Her grandmother is a diabetic and heart patient which made her to worry the most.

When she called TN Government COVID helpline, she was asked to visit the nearest government hospital to report. One more shock was waiting for her at the KMC hospital as she witnessed 30 positive corona patients waiting outside the OP for the allotment of beds in the COVID ward. Swadi says that she got very scared seeing a tea shop opposite to the OP where there were three members standing without wearing safety mask.


A Doctor who checked Swadi’s mother said that she is infected with a mild case of COVID and asked her to home quarantine. The one more fact which Swadi shared left us shocked is, when her mother asked Doctor to check the other family members as there are chances for them to be infected with the virus, Doctor said that they should get tested only after showing symptoms.

The doctor told that many doctors are positive but not tested, says Swadi’s tweet. According to her, the doctor was very cool and asked her mother not to worry about and to self isolate at home. She who contacted the Greater Chennai corporation, believes that they would sanitize her area tomorrow.

In her final tweet of the thread, Swadi listed what she learnt through this experience which we public are not aware.

  1. Community transmission is rampant in Chennai.
  2. There’s under-reporting of cases for sure. My family was asked to get tested only when we start showing symptoms.
  3. The contact tracing is a joke cuz there is none.
  4. The outside of covid OPD is horrible. Positive patients were in groups outside until allotment of beds. And normal people were roaming without proper masks unknowingly very close to the patients.
  5. No hydroxychloroquine or zinc prescribed to the patient or the caregiver.

she wrote in her tweet.

Check out her tweet thread here :


This is really scary as everything about what shared by Swadi is not what it is supposed to be. Visiting grocery shops twice a week got Swadi’s mother infected whereas many of us roaming around in daily basis to buy essentials. Many of us we meet while going out might be a positive corona patient without being tested. Let us strictly follow social distancing at least from now on to avoid getting infected.

Update : After this tweet thread blew up, the greater Chennai corporation visited Swadi’s house and taking 3 of them to get tested.


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