See How Chennaivasis stood united in fighting the floods

Mother Nature vented out her fury on Tamil Nadu these past few days, flooding many areas and causing severe damages . But amongst such adversities, the undying spirit of Humanity prevailed and ordinary people emerged as heroes. Here are a few of the stories amongst many , that shows the unyielding spirit of Chennaivasis

1) Chennai Fishermen

Because the fishing is not allowed in the rustic sea waters,Fishermen from coastal areas decided to lend hand in rescuing people stuck in floods

2) Firemen

Firemen braving the flooded roads- Even during dark hours ,tamizh Nadu fire department did the best efforts to reach the accident spot to rescue the people from calamity.

3) NDRF – National Disaster Responsive Force

The NDRF was deployed in the flood hit areas, to evacuate as well as to help in the distribution of flood relief materials

4) Indian ARMY 

The INDIAN ARMY stepped up as usual during crisis to help the people stranded in floods! Massive respect to them!

5) Indian AIR FORCE 

The Air Force provided a crucial role in distributing relief materials to the flood victims

6) Electricity Board

The EB servicemen braved the rains to restore the power to many areas and to cut off power supply where there was excessive flooding 

7) Social Media

People effectively used the social media to share the flood information and information about the places were food and relief materials being provided

8)  Strangers Offering Help 

The good samaritans who stepped up to offer help to complete strangers

9) NGOs and Volunteers

Volunteers and NGOs stepped up to reduce the misery of flood affected victims.

People might have gone through the worst time,but they are still united and will recover soon. Nanga mathavangalukum help panuvom. En na naanga vandarai vazha vaikum makkal.


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