Chennai Corporation Replied To Public Over The Damage Of The Wooden Ramp!!

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4 months ago

Cyclone Mandous which is causing heavy rainfall and powercut throughout the city, damaged the wooden ramp which was recently built by Chennai corporation for the people with disabilities to reach the Marina beach easily. As soon as the pictures and videos of the damaged wooden ramp surfaced, Greater Chennai Corporation came up with a clarification saying that it was built in such structure to be re-built easily. It highlighted the points provided in the clearance document in which it was mentioned that the woods are temporary.

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Many users of social media platforms and the members of various political parties started criticizing the ruling party for building a ramp in Marina Beach that gets easily damaged. Mentioning about it’s budget, few even accused the members of the ruling party of involving in corruption. However, the official Twitter handle of Greater Chennai Corporation came up with a brief explanation to brush of the accusations.

The ramp was inaugurated on 27th of November and it was reported that the total budget of the 263 metre long wooden ramp is Rs. 1.14 crores. The waves caused by the Mandous cyclone has damaged large portions of the ramp, videos and photos of which were doing rounds in social media platforms since morning.

Here’s some of the reactions:

Replying to the same, Greater Chennai Corporation, in their explanation, said “To fulfill the long time wish of the differently-abled &in compliance with the CRZ guidelines,a wooden ramp has been constructed in an eco-friendly manner at Marina beach, so that it will not affect the nesting of olive ridley turtles. Though the facility is permanent, the ramp is designed with temporary eco-friendly materials”

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“The boards getting dismantled during such extreme weather and sea conditions is normal.The structure was planned in such a way that it can be repaired easily after a natural calamity like cyclone” the post read.

“The sea has come iward by 20meters owing to the high tides,eroding the sand supporting the ramp which ends 10meters from the usual water line. GCC officials have inspected the site. This wooden ramp will be repaired & will be put intact, after the cyclone” Officials said through the post.

Here’s their tweet:




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