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Chennai cops detain Bengaluru cops: Report

chennai bangalore police

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Chennai cops detain Bengaluru cops: Report

chennai bangalore police

Bengaluru/Chennai, Mar 22: In a case of mistaken identity, the Chennai police rounded up a team of police from the Bengaluru CCB (City Crime Branch). 

The Bengaluru police team had visited Chennai in connection with the Malleshwaram blast probe and had picked up two persons.

The family of these two persons informed the Chennai police that some persons had kidnapped their relatives.
The confusion was cleared when top police officers who got to know about the informartion and spoke to the top brass of Chennai and bailed out the officials. 
The police had picked up two suspects and were bringing them to Bengaluru when a team from Chennai raided the police party and took with them an officer in the rank of an ACP. The officer’s mobile and revolver was seized. The CCB team were in plain clothes which added to the confusion. 
The Bengaluru police have been visiting Chennai several times in the past as well in connection with the probe into the Malleshwaram blasts which took place on April 17 2013 outside the BJP office. The police had suspected the role of an outfit called the al-Ummah. In connection with this case, the CB-CID team of Tamil Nadu had even arrested a person by the name Fakkruddin. 
This person who wanted for the murder of several Hindu activists in Tamil Nadu was also considered as a main suspect in the Malleshwaram blasts. The team from Bengaluru had visited Chennai in 2013 to question him. 
COURTESY : OneIndia News

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