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Chennai Boy Acts Smarts, Uses Twitter To Get His Railway Coach Cleaned Within 3 Hours


Chennai Boy Acts Smarts, Uses Twitter To Get His Railway Coach Cleaned Within 3 Hours

All it took was one
TWITTER message to get the RAILWAYS CLEANED !!

Twitter has
been put to use for many issues and fun elements. But for once, it had been
rightly used for the cleanliness of our Railways. Yes, a passenger took a photo
of an overflowing dustbin in the train and made a twitter statement for the
Railway Minister to take an action. And well, he got a reply back immediately
and they cleaned it in no time!
Choudhary took a picture and tweeted it to the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu,
stating that the dustbin in B3 coach hasn’t been cleaned yet even after reaching the Ajmer station.
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enough, there was an immediate reply from the Ministry of Railways apologising
for the inconvenience and forwarding the issue to the concerned team at Jaipur.
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And within
the next three hours, the officials took the matter into their hands and got
the coach cleaned at Phulera station.
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finally put a tweet with the cleaned dustbin photo and thanked all the
officials profusely !
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It is really
commendable of our Railway Ministry to take a tweet of a passenger seriously
and get things done in a squick manner. This just shows that we are definitely
moving towards a better India !

If all the
issues faced by our citizens could be heard and solved in this manner, we’ll be
the best developed country in no time!

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