Chennai : 6 Drunk Women Involved In Public Nuisance !! Case Filed

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1 week ago

Chennai city witnessed bizarre incident where 6 drunk woman involved in public nuisance. Last night, the police in Chennai received information through the control room that three women were creating chaos on Tiruvallikeni Walaja road. The women had allegedly been drinking alcohol and were engaging in violent behavior with passers-by. The police, led by a female inspector who was on night patrol, immediately rushed to the location to pacify the women.

Screenshot 2023 03 18 at 6.48.29 PM
Incident spot

However, the three women, who were intoxicated, continued to fight and create a disturbance on the road. The police inspector, who was also a woman, attempted to calm the situation down, but the women were uncooperative.

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Eventually, the police arrested the three women and conducted a drug test. Upon investigation, the police found that the women were from Kannagi Nagar area and had come to work at a wedding ceremony in Tiruvallikeni.

Screenshot 2023 03 18 at 6.48.41 PM
Police pulling woman

After conducting the necessary investigations, the police handed over the three girls to their parents in Kannagi Nagar. The police have now registered a case under two sections against the three women who were involved in drinking alcohol on the road.

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This incident highlights the dangers of drinking and driving. Not only did the women put themselves at risk, but they also endangered the lives of others by engaging in violent behavior on the road. The police acted swiftly and appropriately by arresting the women and conducting an investigation.

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It is important for everyone to understand the consequences of drinking and driving. Not only is it illegal, but it can also lead to accidents that can result in serious injury or death. It is important to remember that drinking and driving not only endangers one’s own life but also puts the lives of others at risk.

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The fact that the police inspector who led the operation was a woman is noteworthy. It sends a strong message to women that they too can play a significant role in law enforcement and can be leaders in their respective fields. Women empowerment is essential, and this incident showcases how women can excel in traditionally male-dominated fields such as law enforcement.

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On knowing about this news, a twitter user wrote “அக்னி siragey erinthu vaa பேருந்தை வழி மரிப்போம் உயர்ந்து வா”. as his comment whereas many other condemned the girls for their irresponsible behaviour.

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Watch the video here :

source : Polimer

This incident serves as a reminder to everyone about the dangers of drinking and driving. It is crucial to be responsible and make safe choices when consuming alcohol. It is also a testament to the importance of women’s empowerment and how women can lead the way in various fields. The police’s swift and appropriate action in this incident should serve as a warning to those who engage in such reckless behavior.

Check out the post below :

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Sun News tweet


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