Chef Venkatesh Bhat’s Emotional Post After Seeing The Memes & Trolls!!

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10 months ago

Chef Venkatesh Bhat, in one of his recent Facebook posts, came up with an emotional post, reacting to the memes and trolls that surfaced trolling him based on the recent statement he made about the “Cooku with Comali” show in which he has been taking part as one of the judges for past three seasons.

Bhat said that his heart got broken on seeing the trolls for past two days. The seasoned chef said that he was not hurt due to the trolls that were made against him but because they made him feel that the humanity was dead in the society. “Anything can die but not humanity” said Bhat through his post.

“But there’s God. All the trolls lasted for two days as in Chandramukhi movie. Good people are still alive in than world” said Bhat and shared a meme that explained about the truth behind his statement and said that the meme is trending nationwide. “Thanks to all the good hearts” he added.

“Only those who has child would know how much blessed fortune it is. Think about the people who doesn’t have a child. I am not asking for myself, I’m asking on behalf of the women who are carrying a child, don’t degrade yourself thinking that you are trolling me” Bhat said in his post further.


“My child was born 7 years after I got married. I felt how each and every second moved like hundred years for me during that time” he concluded his post and asked “Where is humanity?”

“Rendu naal I was really shattered.. worried. …not because I was trolled..but the memes made me feel that humanity is dead……anything can die but not humanity…..but kadavul irukkarra kumaaru……Chandramukhi padam madhiri rendu naal ananunga aatam irundhadhu…..Nallavargal innum ivvulagil ullaargal…this below picture is trending national now…thanks to all the good hearts… Kuzhandhai selvam ullavargalukkae theriyum evvalavu periya baaghyam adhu endru…appadi endral illadhavargalai yosithu paarungal…..” read the post of Bhat.

“Meme creators enakkaaga alla UYIRAI sumakkum Pennukkaaga kaetkiren dhayavu seidhu ennai kindal seivadhaaga enni ungalai tharam thazhthikollaadheergal…..
Enakkum manam mudithu 7 aandugal kazhithu kidaitha selvam en Kuzhandhai…ovvoru nodiyum oru yugamaanadhai nan unarndhavan…… #Manidham engae” he added.

Here’s the screenshot of the Chef’s post :

vb 2


For the unversed, Renowned Chef Venkatesh Bhat who is participating in the most famous “Cooku with Comali” show as one of the judges, in a recent episode, had claimed that women became who were suffering in their life without a child, became successfully pregnant. Followed by him, Pugazh, a famous comedian of the show, said that a person personally told him that she decided not to commit suicide after watching the promo of the show.

“You won’t believe me people have sent me messages saying that they got conceived after watching this show. I didn’t have child for 8 long years and went to hospital for IVF treatment. I saw a woman there with her child. She said that she went for IVF treatment forgetting all get problems after watching “Cooku with Comali”  show.She recommended her to watch the show and you will not believe that she is pregnant now” Bhat said in the show. These statements from Bhat, despite of having logic, became a subject to mindless online trolls and memes as a result of which Bhat became emotional and wrote a note to his Facebook followers.




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