Checkout What People Of JAPAN Think About Thalaivar Superstar RAJNIKANT!!


Do you know why earth rotates around the sun? Do you know why universe is so vast? Do you know why sky is blue? Do you know why water is transparent? That is because, Rajinikanth wants it that way! Do you understand? You better understand. OK! Now, that is out of the way; we want to remind you who is the biggest superstar on the planet? Or should I say the whole universe? It is Thalaiva. This one man has created more joy than every movie star ever combined. When he walks, the earth moves for him. When he does push ups, it is the earth that is being pushed. Every time there is a hurricane, Rajini sir has sneezed. When we say he is the biggest superstar on the planet, we mean it. In fact, there are tales of Rajini sir being so famous in japan that every other movie is moved aside to make sure there is enough screens for Rajini sir!

To prove this very fact which a lot of people would not believe, our trusted Rickshawali went to the streets of Tokyo to confirm. What you will find is a the craziest display of Rajinikanth star power. Watch these amazing Japanese people react to Rajinikanth’s photo to once and for all dispel the myth surrounding Thalaiva’s star power! If you are blown away by the video then we have only one thing to say to you. MIND IT !

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