Check Out What These 10 Famous Brands Do For April Fools Day To Prank The Public!!


Yes, there are many brands who went out of the way to come up with some creative pranks for customers. On social media, we saw not one or two but several different brand pranks, which we simply loved.

At first, we thought they are genuine, but when we realized those were just pranks, we couldn’t help but smile.

After all, they trapped us really well! Here are some campaigns that will make your head spin. After checking them out, you’ll really say, “Were they really fooling?”

1. Manforce tried to fool customers by talking about Condoms with hole.

2. Reliance Jio topped the list. It really made us believe that we can charge our phones with a Sim card “Jio Juice”.

3. OMG, we thought Uber Eats has actually come up with an Anti-Aging ice-cream!

4. Ola and Journalism? We so wished this could happen & drivers could give us updates.

5. Kingfisher used a smart campaign to promote their packaged drinking water.

6. MTV went too ahead with creativity. Both, the father and son are confessing to each other that they are gays.

April Fools' Day

Make sure your pranks are fool-proof. Don't say we didn't warn ya!This #AprilFoolsDay, prank at your own risk.#StayWoke

Posted by MTV India on Thursday, March 29, 2018

7. Secret ground of Hyundai? We believed it to be very true.

8. Urban Ladder’s chair with a difference. I thought I could buy it

9. Netflix proved that their team is indeed very creative.

10. Mi phone with 6 cameras? God, make it a reality please.


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