Check How Congress & JD(S) Slammed Each Other Before The Election Result !! : Hilarious !!


As the Karnataka election results showed the BJP had taken a big lead, the Congress reached out to former prime minister Deve Gowda’s JD(S) on Tuesday to keep Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party out of power in the southern state that registered a voter turnout of more than 72% on May 12. The leaders from the BJP and JD(S) met Karnataka governor Vajubhai Vala to stake their claim of forming the government.

In the state where exit polls projected a hung assembly after a bitterly fought electoral battle, the Narendra-Modi led BJP won 104 seats, the Congress 78 and the JD(S) 37. Others/independents won three seats. Results were being declared for 222 of the 224 seats in assembly, with voting in two constituencies countermanded.

In this state Congress and JDS planned to join hands in order to form the government. But BS Yeddyurappa took oath as Karnataka chief minister on Thursday morning, hours after the Supreme Court turned down a request by the Congress and Janata Dal (Secular) to stop the ceremony. The court has said it will hear their petition on Friday.

The Congress and JD(S) moved the Supreme Court late on Wednesday night after Karnataka governor Vajubhai Vala invited the BJP to form government in the state. The court began hearing their petition a little after 2 am and ended over three hours later around 5.30 am. The three-judge bench said it would not stop today’s oath ceremony, but said government formation in the state will be subject to the final outcome of the case.

The judges have issued notices to the Karnataka government and Yeddyurappa to reply on the Congress-JDS petition and have also asked the Centre to produce in court, a letter written by Yeddyurappa to the Karnataka governor on May 15 to stake claim to form the government, news agencies reported.

But Congress-JDS past has different story. They had the most contradictory past as it is evident from their statements.

On march 27 H.D Kumaraswamy said “In a democracy like India, Congress more dangerous than BJP”. He said in that interview with mint Kumaraswamy said :

“Poor Rahul Gandhi doesn’t know the ABCD of Karnataka politics. They (Congress) use us when required and are now calling us the BJP’s ‘B’ team. Who is the reason for me joining hands with the BJP earlier (in 2008)? Before criticizing us let Rahul Gandhi go to his mother and ask what was promised and why people rejected their party which was ruling (at the centre).

I have said this many times, in the democratic set-up of this country, they (Congress) are more dangerous than the BJP. Today if we stand next to the BJP and just cough, the Congress will be washed out of Karnataka. Whatever little dignity the Congress party has is thanks to the JD(S). The Congress led by Siddaramaiah should be the Z or Y team of the BJP. By discussing about the JD(S) time and again, you (Congress) are inviting your own ouster, as predicted by the BJP, from Karnataka.”

On the other side Congress president Rahul Gandhi said “JDS is BJP’s B Team”

“We need to ensure that the message goes across to all Muslims that the JDS is just cutting into the vote and is not in a position to stop the BJP from forming government,” a Congress office-bearer told ET. “That is why our party president is emphasising that JDS is the ‘B’ team of the BJP in all the interactions in the Old Mysuru area.”

However after the Karnataka Election result both the parties decided to join hands in order to form government in Karnataka where H.D Kumaraswamy planned to be the chief minister of the state. This clearly shows how Politicians will change their color according to the circumstance and at the last it is the people who suffers and left no choice rather than voting these corrupted Politicians.


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