Celebrity Photographer Accused Of Sexually Harassing Multiple Women!!

A number of female Instagram users, accused a celebrity photographer named Prashanth for sexually harassing them through the photo/video posting online app. Screenshots of the photographer who enjoys 3 lakh plus followers in Instagram, flirting with women and inviting them to meet him personally keeps surfacing through Saranya Ravichandran, an aspiring model. The photographer is even accused of sending obscene pictures and videos to the women who chat with him regarding photoshoots/business purposes.

Initially, Saranya came up with a post adding a couple of screenshots of a chat of herself with Prashant which took place 3-4 years ago. The aspiring model said that she thought it was just a harmless flirt and didn’t do anything about it but regrets now for letting it slide. In her post, Saranya said that she feels guilty now as it has gotten progressively bad.

Further, Saranya says that the photographer is playing victim by alleging that some of the screenshots she shared are staged. “This wouldn’t stop here unless we take a stand against people like him. There’s a perception that this industry itself is like this. But, that’s not true. I have met many many good photographers and artists, who are respectful and make you feel very safe and comfortable. A huge shoutout to such people who strive to make this a safe space for many women out there!” Saranya said through her post.

Swipe the post below for the screenshots shared :

“But, like every other industry, there are people like this and can’t believe the audacity this fellow has to go around talking like this for years, at this time and age where everything gets exposed so easily. You can see every woman politely turning him down and yet he doesn’t stop. Again, I’m not here to say men (or women) cannot express their feelings or make a move. Just do it respectfully with the consent of the opposite gender. You’d know when Someone’s not interested or uncomfortable, and learn to take a ‘NO’.  I hope people like this guy would think twice before doing something like this again. I hope this reaches more people” her post read.

As soon as Saranya shared the screenshots, many other women came up with similar complaints against the photographer which were uploaded by the model in her next post. One of the victims could be seen saying that the photographer involved in an obscene gesture in front of her and a number of women even said that he sent obscene pictures of himself to them.

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Instagram handle of Prashanth, photographer

“I didn’t anticipate the sheer scale of this and the amount of messages l’d get. I should tell you, I am still trying to process all these messages and conversations” said Saranya while sharing the next set of screenshots of the photographer’s chat with multiple women.

Talking about the first screenshot in which a woman accused the photographer of “jer*ing” in front of her inside a car, Saranya said “Although, the first post was borderline harassment, this one is much more than that. Shagging off in front of women? Who’s not even remotely interested in you?”

The budding model also said that she verified the authenticity of the screenshots sent to her and wondered how many women fell prey for the messages of the photographer. Now, after she exposed him through her Instagram handle, the photographer has been threatening Saranya of filing a case against her in cyber crime. However, the victim is all set to make a police complaint against the photographer for allegedly harassing multiple women sexually.




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