Celebrities Mourning For Mariyanesan’s Demise !!

As soon as the news on Mariyanesan’s demise surfaced, fans posting condolence message to Losliya asking her to be strong. Followed by national award winning filmmaker Cheran, actress Vanitha Vijayakumar, Athulya expressed their emotions along with thousands of fans. Vanitha who spoke to Losliya, disclosed that Losliya is trying to fly Sri lanka and informed fans about the current status of the upcoming actress and her father.

Vanitha who grieved for the loss of her Bigg Boss housemate, hoped for the family to bring back the body of Mariyanesan amidst this pandemic situation. In her next tweet, Vanitha who talked to Losliya, said that she crying and devastated. She further updated that Losliya is trying to fly to Sri lanka and Vijay television team is helping her. The COVID 19 situation made it difficult for the family to bring back the body to Sri lanka immediately, she said in her tweet.

“Even sadder to hearing the news of #LosliyaMariyanesan .cruel…I don’t know how they are handling this…especially being he was the breadwinner and 3 daughters…very heartbroken..life is too unpredictable…scary…I hope they can at least bring back his body in this time. To all #Losliya fans …I spoke to her she is devastated and crying..but she will be strong she’s trying to fly to sri lanka.arranging thru embassy @vijaytelevision team is with her.due to covid pandemic the body can’t reach srilanka immediately.ive given her my love and blessings .” the tweets of Vanitha read.

Actress Athulya who is known for appearing in films such as “Adutha Saattai”, “Naadodigal -2”, “Capmaari”, said that she can’t even imagine how Losliya is going to handle this huge loss. “Shocked to hear that
@Losliyamaria96‘s father respectable #mariyanesan sir passed away As a daughter I can’t even imagine how she can able to handle this terrible loss. praying to god to give #Losliya and her family more strength !! #RIPMariyanesan sir #LosliyaMariyanesan”
her tweet read.

After hearing about the news, Cheran whom Losliya treated as her father inside the Bigg Boss house, posted an emotional tweet writing “Losliya . . I know how much love and affection you had on your father. This news literally shook me. I couldn’t imagine the pain you are going through, my daughter. I really don’t know how to console you and your family. Deepest condolences”

Fans are sharing videos and pictures of Losliya and her father together to remember the man who made his appearance in Bigg Boss show during the freeze task. He entered the Bigg Boss house with Yuvan Shankar Raja’s “Anandha Yazhai” song in the background which made Losliya to scream her heart out and cry. She ran and hugged him but the father looked very much dejected. “I didn’t send you here for money. I will even beg for a living. They (public) are saying that I sent you here for money.” he said to Losliya who was crying.


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