Celebrities Just Can’t Keep Calm After Chandrayaan Landed On Moon!!

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Celebrities Just Can't Keep Calm After Chandrayaan Landed On Moon!!

The cosmos has once again borne witness to India’s indomitable spirit and technological prowess as the country’s Chandrayaan-3 mission achieved an awe-inspiring feat – successfully landing on the lunar south pole. This historic achievement has sent waves of jubilation across the nation and beyond, prompting an outpouring of emotions from various quarters, especially celebrities who couldn’t contain their excitement.

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Here the ISRO Post below:

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Among the first to express their exhilaration was Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya. “A landmark day in our country’s history! Congratulations to everyone involved in the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3. So proud,” he tweeted. The pride of witnessing such an accomplishment resonated with each word he shared.

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu, the popular actress known for her versatile roles, chimed in with equal enthusiasm. “Yet again, we land on the Moon! Jai Hind. Congratulations @isro.in #Chandrayaan3,” she exclaimed, encapsulating the prevailing sentiment of patriotism and awe.

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The elation reverberated to the highest echelons of Indian leadership as well. Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the day as a “historic day for India’s space sector” and extended his hearty congratulations to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for this remarkable success. His succinct message encapsulated the significance of the accomplishment on a national scale.

The resonance of this achievement wasn’t confined to specific domains; it permeated the artistic sphere as well. Acclaimed actor Madhavan, moved by the event, took to social media to express his feelings, “Words are not enough to describe this achievement. Jai Hind, my heart swells with pride. I hope I can stay sane.” His words captured the overwhelming sense of pride that many Indians felt, emphasizing that this achievement transcends technical prowess—it’s about a shared national pride.

Internationally acclaimed composer A.R. Rahman joined the chorus of congratulations, capturing the celebratory spirit with a simple yet impactful message, “@isro 🌙 #jaiho 🎉.” His post resonated like a melodious tune, striking a chord with those who understood the symphony of achievement and unity.

The excitement extended beyond these individuals to a plethora of other celebrities, including Vignesh Shivan, Suryakumar Yadav, Tamannah, Ananya Panday, Aparna Balamurali, Varun Chakravarthy, Jackie Shroff, Nivetha Pethuraj, Chinmayi, Ishan kishan, Actress Meena and countless others. Each tweet, each message, and each expression reflected a collective sense of accomplishment that rippled through the Indian entertainment industry.

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This historic achievement underscores India’s persistent dedication to pushing boundaries in space exploration. Chandrayaan-3’s successful landing on the lunar surface was a resounding proclamation of India’s capability to execute complex missions. After a 40-day journey, the Vikram lander gently touched down at the lunar south pole at 6.04 PM IST on August 23, marking a monumental step forward in the nation’s space endeavors.


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The mission, a successor to the Chandrayaan-2 venture of 2019, aimed to showcase India’s prowess in achieving a soft landing on the Moon, and it unequivocally succeeded. The exclusive club of lunar soft-landing nations—comprising the United States, the Soviet Union, China, and now India—exemplifies humanity’s reach for the stars and the boundless aspirations that drive us to explore the unknown.

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In a world where challenges may seem insurmountable, the triumphant landing of Chandrayaan-3 sends a message that with vision, determination, and collaborative effort, the sky is not the limit—it’s just the beginning. As the nation revels in this historic success, it also marks a new chapter in India’s quest to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos.

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