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Celebrities Got Emotional Hearing SPB’s Voice For One Last Time !!



Celebrities Got Emotional Hearing SPB’s Voice For One Last Time !!

The most awaited single of “Annaththe” got released in youtube by the makers of the film, amidst much expectations from fans. The song happens to be the last song of legendary singer SP Balasubramaniam who has been singing the opening song of Superstar Rajinikanth for the past several years. Few minutes after the release, Super star himself came up with a tweet in his official twitter account, expressing his emotion over shaking legs for the voice of his dear friend for one last time. The actor said that he didn’t even dream about Annaththe’s opening song being his last collaboration with the legendary singer.



Iconic singer and actor SP Balasubramaniam died at the age of 74 due to the COVID 19 virus. He left the world exactly at 1 : 04 PM on 25th September 2020. He was getting treatment since August 5 due to the infection COVID 19 virus, died at MGM hospital. Many celebrities, fans, politicians and important personalities expressed their emotion over the demise of the legendary singer at that time. After one long year, the song he sung for “Annaththe” in D.Imman musical has been released.


The song which starts like “Annaatheyy . . Annaatheyy” gives as nostalgic feel as it is yet another typical opening song of Rajini-SPB combo. Watch the song below :

As soon as the song released, Rajinikanth came up with a tweet saying that SPB lived as his voice for past 45 years. “While shooting for the song, I didn’t even dream that it will be the last song of us. My loveable SPB will always be live through his sweet voice” Rajinikanth said in his tweet by writing “45 வருடங்கள் என் குரலாக வாழ்ந்த எஸ்பிபி அவர்கள் அண்ணாத்தே படத்தில் எனக்காகப் பாடிய பாடலின் படப்பிடிப்பின் போது, இதுதான் அவர் எனக்குப் பாடும் கடைசிப் பாடலாக இருக்கும் என்று நான் கனவில் கூட நினைக்கவில்லை. என் அன்பு எஸ்பிபி தன் இனிய குரலின் வழியாக என்றும் வாழ்ந்து கொண்டே இருப்பார்.”

Check out his tweet below :

Many celebrities and fans are reacting to the tweet, remembering the legend. Dhanush shared the tweet by adding heart and crown emojis. Check out some of the reactions below :


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