Celebrities Called Out The Creators Of This Video Which Involves Kids !!

Not many days ago, an couple of under aged kids were called out and legally handled by authorities for posting romantic videos in their Instagram space. The girl was sent to a Children’s health care centre after police investigation and the boy uploaded a video assuring that he won’t involve himself in doing such videos in the future. Now, a video of kids involving in similar activity got surfaced in the Internet and is being called out by some of the notable personalities. Along with many Internet users, Actress Priya Anand and Film journalist Ashameera condemned the absurdity of the video which shows kids getting involved in doing romance, violence and other absurdities.


It was initially shared as a meme comparing the kids of current generation and previous generation to make people laugh. In the video, we could see a girl and boy getting interrupted by another boy while trying to kiss each other. The one who interrupts, attacks the girl and stares at her before getting punched in the face by the boy who was standing there. The video meme, further says that the kids of previous generation were singing rhymes and learning alphabets at that age.

Watch the video below :

Sharing the video, Ashameera expressed her displeasure over the video by saying that we people have effortlessly normalized women getting hurt by a men. “Even at this small age, we have taught them that it is okay to beat a woman and have also normalized that the one who comes to rescue her should be another man” said Ashameera who believed that it is cheap. “Indha chinna vayasulaye oru ponna adikaradhu okay num, adha thadukka inoru paiyan than varanum nu, avlo kevalama normalise panni vechrukom la.” her caption read.

Here’s her tweet :

Actress Priya Anand who is known for acting in films such as “Ethir Neechal”, “LKG”, “Vaamanan” commented saying that so many things are disturbing about the video. “Soo many things that are disturbing about the video!” her reply read.


When film producer Vishaka said that everyone who was involved in making the video should be questioned, Priya replied writing “To think how many adults were involved in writing and executing this content is disturbing to say the least.”

Actor Ashwin who acted in films such as “Vedhalam”, “Idharku Thaane Asaipattai Balakumara”, said “Don’t know what the intention of the original video is.Why are they having her wear so much makeup?the boy slapping her etc? Let children be children instead of projecting this nonsense on them.” in his tweet.


Director Barath Neelakandan who made “K13” said that the parents of the kids must be prosecuted.


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