Caught On Cam : 38 Year Old Man Died While Playing Badminton!!

3 weeks ago

The sudden deaths of fit and healthy people while engaging in physical activities have become a cause for concern in India. The most recent incident occurred in Hyderabad, where a 38-year-old man collapsed and died while playing badminton at the Professor Jayashankar Indoor Stadium. This marks the fifth such incident in Telangana in the past two weeks, and experts believe that cardiac arrest could be the likely reason for the sudden deaths.

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The victim, Shyam Yadav, was an enthusiastic sportsman who participated in badminton, cricket, and other sports. He worked for a private company and played badminton every day after work. The incident was captured on camera, and some people claim that Yadav could have been saved if immediate life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) had been given. His brother expressed shock at the incident and stated that Yadav had no prior health issues.

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While the exact cause of death is yet to be determined, the recent pattern of sudden deaths in Telangana has raised concerns. Before Yadav’s death, a 19-year-old man collapsed and died while dancing at a wedding in Pardi village, Nirmal district, about 200 km from Hyderabad. On February 20, a man participating in a Haldi ceremony in Hyderabad suddenly collapsed and died, believed to be due to cardiac arrest. A 24-year-old police constable also died, allegedly due to a heart attack, during a workout at a gym in Hyderabad on February 23.

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The sudden deaths have prompted calls for more people to learn CPR, a technique of pressing on the chest some 100 times a minute to revive someone whose heart has suddenly failed. Dr. Ashish Chauhan, a general physician who trains people on CPR, stated that everyone needs to learn CPR and become a life saver. Dr. Padmakar of Apollo Hospitals has also called for school and college students, software professionals, drivers, and everyone to be trained in CPR.

Shyam Yadav

In addition to CPR, shock by defibrillator could also be very useful, especially in cases of sudden collapse, technically called arrhythmia, or irregular electrical impulses, according to cardiologist Dr. Shiv Kumar. He suggested that defibrillators be installed at strategic places like airports, malls, railway stations, gyms, and so on, where a trained person can render the service and save lives. Defibrillators are commonly used in developed countries and have been shown to improve survival rates in cases of cardiac arrest.

The sudden deaths in Telangana have highlighted the importance of timely intervention and the need for more people to learn CPR and other life-saving techniques. It is crucial to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack and seek immediate medical attention. Regular health checkups and leading a healthy lifestyle can also help prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of sudden cardiac arrest. The authorities can also take steps to increase awareness and provide training to the public to improve the chances of survival in cases of sudden cardiac arrest.

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