Can’t Forget Our CM’s “God” Advertisement !! : Here’s How Jump Cuts Hari & Madan Gowri Brutally Trolled The Ad !!


It is quite common for state governments to have promotional advertisements in theatres. But an advertisement by the Tamil Nadu state government has taken it a notch up, leaving people in fits of laughter.

A viral video shows one such advertisement being played in a theatre in Tamil Nadu. The advertisement depicts Tamil Nadu CM E Palaniswami as a God. The audience in the theatre had a good laugh as the advertisement played.

The state government advertisement shows a differently-abled girl making an offering to the Gods in a temple. When the priest asks in whose name the offering is to be made, the lady replies with ‘Swami’, which means God. And when the priest asks ‘which Swami?’, the lady replies, “Tamil Nadu chief minister E. Palaniswami”.
 On hearing the response of the lady, the entire theatre erupts in laughter and boos at the screen. Memes have also taken over the internet making fun of the Tamil Nadu CM.

Many feel that the advertisement is an attempt to accord a God-like status to CM E Palaniswami similar to that of former CM Jayalalithaa and MG Ramachandran. It is said that Palaniswami feels that he does not have his own ‘fan base’ and is largely seen as living off late Jayalalithaa’s legacy.

After a government-commissioned advertisement about Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami left moviegoers in the state in peals of laughter, it has been pulled off.

The “God” Advertisement Of Edappadi Palaniswamy Is Removed In Theatres: The Reason Behind Is Even More Silly !!

On removing the advertisement Minister of Fisheries D Jayakumar said, “We brought it to the Chief Minister’s attention and an order to remove it has been given. If you go to theatres now, you won’t see it,”.

The video of the advertisement went viral on social media, making the Chief Minister the butt of jokes. Meanwhile Youtube stars Hari Baskar and Madan Gowri uploaded a video in which they seemingly watching the ad in cell phone. After the video finished they made a  joke on the advertisement. Watch it here :

Time to leave earth 👽👾😂😂 @madangowri @iharibaskar #MadanGowri

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