Can You Really Get Arrested For Visiting P*rn Sites ?? WATCH !!

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CM / Updated: 2019-12-05
15:14 IST

The news on Chennai youths are going to get arrested for watching porn video is doing rounds for past couple of days. A fake list of top 10 people who watched highest number of porn videos was also went viral across social media. Tamil meme nation went one step ahead and started making funny memes regarding the same.


It all started after the interview of Additional Director General of Police Mr. Ravi gave an interview to media in a way of warning the youth of the city to stay away from porn sites. In the video we can see Mr. Ravi asking the youths to respect children and women as per the culture of Tamilnadu.

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“It came to our knowledge that most number of people from Chennai watched porn films in a large scale. Those who involved in watching or keeping videos related to child pornography in their cell phones or laptop are going to be punished with appropriate law. It is a serious offense under the sections IT and POCSO. Now we Tamilnadu police are preparing a list on those who watched such videos and actions will be taken soon. If the crime against an individual is proven, chances for 3 to 7 years of Jail sentence is possible” he said to News 7. who also added that the report regarding the same will be sent to Central government.


Watch the video of his interview here :

Source : News 7

The police officer reports that most of the obscene videos are shared through Whatsapp and says that they will identify those who spreads such videos with proof. “I request youth of this city, not to watch child pornographic videos even in a sportive manner. I ask you to delete such videos if you are having it phone. In these 2 days, more than 50,000 links were taken down. One should not have such videos even as a cartoon. Let us respect women and children which is our culture” says ADGP Ravi to the press.

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This interview of the police officer created huge furore among the youths. Many got the fear of getting arrested for watching porn videos. Journalist Iyan Karthikeyan, in his youtube channel has now posted a video explaining the video interview of ADGP Ravi. In his video, Karthick made it clear that media exaggerated the interview of Mr.Ravi by keeping titles in a way of warning everyone who watches porn videos. He says that Mr.Ravi asked youths not to access the porn videos which are related to children.


Watch the video posted by Iyan Karthikeyan here :

Source : Youturn

Though Iyan Karthikeyan reports that visiting a website which contains Child pornogrpahy is also a crime. “In October month, CBI took action against those who encouraged child pornography through Whatsapp. They derived an original complete list of people who encouraged it in the prominent cities of India and appropriate actions were taken against them” he added.

Through this we can clearly understand that unless or until one really acts in a way of encouraging sexual crimes against children, they could not be punished under any kind of law. What do you think on this move of Chennai Police ?/ Comment your views below !!

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