“Can I Get Infected With COVID While Staying At Home ?” – Question Asked !! Doctor’s Reply Left Internet In Splits


Doctors, Politicians and every other influential personalities in Internet are requesting people to stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID 19 virus. “Even if you are leaving home for essential needs, wear a mask and avoid roaming around without urgent emergencies” is what people are requested to do by the frontline workers. Meanwhile, an Internet using Citizen, couldn’t resist himself from asking this doubt of him and personally sent a message to a professional Doctor in Instagram to get a clear idea about it.

He wanted to know whether he would get infected with the virus through air while staying at home. He sent a message to Doctor Shahnawaz B Kaloo asking “If it’s windy or stormy, can the virus travel through air and reach me while I am at home ?” in Instagram. The answer provided by the Doctor whose bio says that he is a Consultant Interventional Radiology, Liver Cancer Interventions, left the users of Twitter in splits.

The Doctor said that the probability of someone getting infected with the virus while someone staying at home is less than a politician visiting his/her home to help him/her. “Its probability is less than a politician visiting your home to help you” his reply read. Sharing the screen shot in his twitter time line, the Doctor wrote “Probability of getting COVID at home.” as his caption.

Check out the tweet of him below :

The tweet blew up in no time with people reacting in various ways. “Laughing at myself. Living on the first floor had this doubt many times” a user wrote whereas another one said “One lit query, one legit response! Kudos.”

Check out some of such reactions below :

To prevent the surging positive cases of COVID 19 virus in the state, Tamil nadu government has imposed a full lockdown from 10th of May to 24. The order was issued a day after the state recorded its biggest day spike of over 26,000 new COVID infections. The newly elected Chief Minister MK Stalin said that the lockdown was being enforced due to โ€œunavoidable reasonsโ€ in his statement. The decision, Mr Stalin added, was taken based on inputs received at a review meeting he had with district collectors on Friday, besides consultations with medical experts.

It has been reported that the full lockdown will be enforced from 4 AM of May 10 to 4 AM of 24th May. Banks and ration shops are allowed to function with 50 % staffs and restaurants will be allowed to give takeaways for the customers. The order said that no cabs, auto rickshaws should function unless itโ€™s for funeral, hospital or wedding emergency. The order came in as MK Stalinโ€™s first ever major decision.


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